Recollection of B-29
Chapter 3

4. Treatment of the prisoner of war(POW)

Laws regarding POW of Japan

1) POW treatment rule
Article 2: Treat POW with the heart of philanthropy and do not put humiliation ill-treatment-----
Article 3: As for POW, do the treatment that responded the rank class----

Article 4: Treat POW by the order of the empire army and do not restrain the body to unreasonable.------
----Below omission

P.S: At that time, The Japanese Government did not ratify the international treaty regarding the treatment of POW. For that, The Japanese Government is replying through the Switzerland minister that the TOGO Foreign Minister applies it to the treatment inquiry of POW from the United States Government, although an application does not do it.

For that, Even that become after the war and many POW concentration camp persons concerned was done regal action as the war criminal was made the international treaty violation. Even the Tokyo trial the Ministry of Foreign Affairs did not say that it applies. And, it makes the responsibility of POW ill-treatment the responsibility of each district corps.

Execution of the B-29 capture crew

1) TOKAI corps headquarters relation (TOKAI corps = Central Japan area)
American soldier who TOKAI corps headquarters executed according to the defendant event separate volume regarding the TOKAI corps area capture airplane crew by the 1st high disbanding court of justice,

(1)11 POW that was captured in May 14.1945 Nagoya-city Aichi-Pref and Tsu-city Mie-Pref.
(2) 2 POW that was captured in May 29.1945 Higasikawane Shidagun Shizuoka-Pref.
(3) 9 POW that was captured in Jun 5.1945 Shimazu-village Wataraigun Mie-Pref.
(4) 6 POW that was captured in Jun 10.1945 Nabari-town Nagagun Mie-Pref.
(5) 9 POW that was captured in Jun 22.1945 Yatomi-town Amagun Aichi-Pref.
(6) 1 POW that was captured in Jun 26.1945 Yamato-village Ichisigun Mie-Pref.

Execution person total: 38 POW

2) Chubu army headquarters relation: 42 POW
3) West army headquarters relation: 49 POW
4) Besides the air raid of the Tokyo army prison with death in a fire: 62 POW

-----Execution person total: 191 POW-----

1) 6 cases of the TOKAI corps focus on from May to Jun 1945
2) The serviceman who was related to 191 people of execution of these in the Yokohama BC class trial, is done regal action and was executed.

Tokyo large air raid at Mar 10.1945
After it passes 10 day 0 o'clock drop start of an incendiary bomb in the eastern part city area of Tokyo. The incendiary bomb of 1,665ton that was scattered to indiscrimination from 279 machine, with the low altitude of 1,500 m to 2,000 m without precedence was dropped. The fire spread following the gale. About 260,000 houses caused the large damage of destruction to 20% of Tokyo Met. 83,000 people the fatalities.

The American air force was this battle and lost 14 machine B-29. 42 machine suffers damage furthermore and judged with problem no if it compares it to the result. Thereafter the indiscrimination bombing of Nagoya, Osaka, Kobe, Nagoya and, 300 machine scales continued every 1 to 2 days with this method.

Also, way home, of this bombing, Three machine formation that mistook the course into them who seceded Tokyo crash into Mount Zaou one after another and died all. It is thought as the tragedy of the first low altitude bombing.

"Revenge to indiscrimination bombing"

Mar 10.1945 Tokyo large air raids from "City area indiscrimination bombing" an American air force took decisive action. It mainly was aiming at the military establishments, before it.It is the low altitude incendiary bomb bombing in large formation after Mar. 10 and slaughtered many private citizen. After the number of B-29POW increased. Each headquarter worried about it to the correspondence under bombing.

It is the mountain of the fatalities by the bombing of B-29. It was the situation that does not become in any way even if they call on the military policeman headquarters one by one. The personal message of the foreign affairs manager of the military policeman headquarters was sent to there.

The purport of letter, " Dispose of strict it properly in each headquarter." After, each headquarter in, Properly treatment = Execution, They judged that.

And, the summary trial was carried out. The most were executed promptly with the sentence of an important war criminal.

The reason be with, the rule regarding POW, Definition of POW "POW is the person who the right of the empire gives the operation of POW by the fighting person and treaty or custom of the hostile country who entered into the area where reaches.

They are POW on international law, now that the corps captured it. However, they general POW distinguish and called it "the B-29 capture crew". As for it, they bombed the unmilitary establishments and private citizen who invade to Japan proper bombing and prohibit with international law. They burn a house and do a civilian killing and wounding and there is the suspect of an international law violation. Therefore, it was not POW of POW prescription. Thus "the revenge to the indiscrimination bombing"was implemented every place.

The B-29crew who was captured hauls it to army headquarters with the hand of the military policeman in the TOKAI corps. Treated it with the hand of the corps at all after receipt. The military police implemented the survey, accommodation, treatment in the case of the eastern part corps.
The reason that Hedges and Hap survived I was able to understand. Their arrest was before Mar 10. he bombing goal limited it to the military establishments. Therefore they are POW being superb a battle deed. Also, even Chism of P-51 is the battle with an air fleet. Even he is a superb POW.

Japan last SAMURAI(Warrior), TASUKU OKADA vice admiral

The investigation to the responsibility of the capture crew execution was continued with the GHQ Yokohama BC class trial after the war. The foreign affairs manager which took out such a personal message that treat properly said that the command of execution is not taking out it and became escape limit innocence. As a result the representative of many district corps became guilt.

The TASUKU OKADA vice admiral of the TOKAI corps commander was asked the responsibility of the execution of 38 B-29 capture crews. For that he was the sentence of death by hanging in the Allied Forces court of justice of Yokohama as a May 1948 B class war criminal. It was Sep 17.1949 of execution in next year.

He write that respected the TASUKU OKADA vice admiral "Last SAMURAI" and as be that after own work of "a Long Trip" of beginning Mr. SYOUHEI OOKA. The OKADA vice admiral was a Buddhism believer and claimed to be the trial with a law battle. He organized an old subordinate and legal defense team below the chief staff officer. He thought that he does not draw out and fights it strictly under the command of the self.

He was passive at the beginning. However, this was the problem that should decide the male and female actively, as the illegality of the U. S. armed forces is studied. He judged that he is able to win it, if the preparedness of the self is strong.(A part of the posthumous work of the OKADA vice admiral)---Omission

He checked B-29 POW even the court. He asserted that he executed the only person who did indiscrimination bombing as a result. They broke international law. They did the city bombing that is not a military affair goal. etc. He proved that did many civilians killing and wounding. This was not accomplished no even the ICHIGAYA court and also the YIKOHAMA court of the class A war criminal it is case. ----Omission.

His subordinate passed the command and carried out procedure.
1)Person who bombed a military affair goal --- Turn it to a prisoners' camp
2Whether or not did indiscrimination bombing doubtful person --- Even if it is busy it applies to an official court-martial
3)Clear person of the achievement of indiscrimination bombing --- It makes informal procedure(It made heavy crime capital punishment.)

He asserted that Japanese was not said at that time stately. There was a chance of victory in the law battle, it was crushed to the war trial that was the revenge of the revenge of indiscrimination bombing.

And, he was brave with the court. In addition, as for the SOGAMO prison even many persons say that the attitude was most superb. His action as last SAMURAI, saved the life of many subordinates. On the other hand, the commander of the west corps let out 9 condemned criminals below the commander, because I said that did not know anything.

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