Recollection of B-29
Chapter 3

5. Prisoners' Camp

1) Omori prisoners' camp /Army

About it is the information of the concentration camp that Hedges and Hap spent for 6 months. Omori prisoners' camp called an official name the Tokyo prisoners' camp court noble. It opens as Sep 12.1942 Shinagawa-ku canal construction place Shinagawa prisoners' camps. Named it with Sep 25.1942Tokyo prisoners' camps. It moved in the 2nd Tokyo reclaimed ground of a/the Jul 20.1943 Omori -ku Tokyo. And it reaches to the end of the war.

In the memo information that posted from the data in that time of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Jun 30.1945 present accommodation person numbers are 314 people. It shows it to the list shown below to Aug 15.1945 in the end of the war days 606 POW were in all 8 country.

It is thought that Hedges and Hap were done there fairly violent ill-treatment. The case was email of Hap and would not contact mutually after it returns home, because we want to put out this sad memory. We made clean the rest room of the house where was burnt down, to make the land of the farm of the concentration camp fertility. One sheet of blanket was divided each other. And they went to bed together to warm. It lost weight all. I became 114 pounds (52 kg). He is writing that.

It is the revenge after the end of the war and that was inserted in this concentration camp was famous at that time until the class A war criminal, is accommodated by the SOGAMO prison not to mention HIDEKI TOUJYOU General of the army@this time.

It is capital punishment in this founder manager SOZUKI colonel, this 2nd reign manager KANAME SAKEHA colonels in the Yokohama BC class trial. (It is jail death with both alike SUGAMO)

The under left photo is a belonging SINAGAWA sickroom. It is, the stage of a TOKUDA case which was called 3 large for the bizarre and grotesque events with the Yokohama BC class trial. (Two cases of after, Kyushu University vivisection events and Event that ate the ISHIGAKI island human flesh) .

It is the scene where the HISAKITI TOKUDA army surgeon lieutenant of the Omori prisoners' camp, killed to the POW 4 person of the concentration camp with the living-body test, if cause to say from America. There were not medical supplies almost in the SINAGAWA sickroom actually. He administered soy bean milk to POW of nutrition lack and beriberi. It is the event that died after the TOKUDA army surgeon injected soy bean milk the vein, to 4 POW who it was brought in with the serious case.

The death cause of each POW seemed that was tuberculosis, myelitis, last stage cancer of the stomach, liver cirrhosis. However, it does when soy bean milk injection is medical experimentation on a living person, and the sentence of the capital punishment was lowered by the TOKUDA lieutenant. He camouflage madness in addition to a hunger strike in the SUGAMO prison and was reduced to after unlimited of a psychiatric test.

Photo top : POW delight at the time of release. under left: POW that shakes the hand to the airplane of the friendly army before the SINAGAWA sickroom. under right: Situation of the patient at the time of release

Aug 15. 1945 POW accommodation person number
(Ministry of Foreign Affairs record)
Name of countryOfficerUnder officerPrivate citizenSub-total
Australia 3205
The Netherlands127028
Sub-total14642832Total: 606

2) OFUNA prisoners' camp/Navy

The OFUNA prisoners' camp where the Chism lieutenant was 1.5 months was opened as the Apr 4. 1942 YOKOSUKA navy garrison OFUNA falseness concentration camp. It is transferred by an army from the Aug 21 1945 navy after release and became a Tokyo prisoners' camp court noble branch office. It is RYUHOU Temple of present 129 Ofunaueki Kamkura-city kanagawa-Pref. /tel:Tel: 0467-46-2807

Total of 28 people were prosecuted in the Yokohama BC class trial. The death by hanging sentence was put by 3 people in addition to the JIROU AKITA army surgeon colonel. However, it was mitigated to a life sentence in all of 4 people.

Aug 15. 1945 POW number
(Ministry of Foreign Affairs record)
Name of country OfficerUnder officerSub-total
U.S. 6660126
Sub-total7065Total: 135

Photo: News article that tells the POW release of The New York Times Wednesday Sep 5,1945.
Jap that I should hate and salute us who were released in the OFUNA prisoners' camp of 16 miles, from Yokohama

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