Astronomy ・ Do you have problems? 天文学・あなたの悩み?

Longing for peace in the point of view of Astronomy,平和の希求は天文学の視点で、

This slide show, based on the photo of PPS the US B29 Friend Russ Hurlbutt sent me in 2012,
I have edited to append the Japanese translation,  Its purpose is, for mankind, love the only earth is home,
In tiny Earth, in the peninsula, the Earth is not war on the island, it is for one step to deliver on all the people and all of a leader
Also, if there is trouble to everyone, the point of view of astronomy, we hope that help to help relieve it.

このスライドショウは、2012年に米国のB29 Friend, Russ Hurlbutt が私に送ってくれたPPS(Power Point Slide Show)
の写真を基に、日本語訳を追記して編集しました。  その目的は、人類にとって、唯一の住み家である地球を慈しみ、

Until the end, please enjoy, 最後まで、じっくりお楽しみください ・ ・ ・ May 3, 2013 憲法記念日 from JA2TKO, Kunio Okada

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