1,Central Japan International Airport(Centrair) Updated October 30, 2005
The introduction of Central Japan International Airport(Centrair). Centair opened on February 2005.
And it was constructed the alternative airport of Nagoya Airport,
2,Prefectual Nagoya AirportUpdated March 7, 2005
The introduction of Former "Nagoya Airport".
3,The flight schedule of cargo flights from Centrair Updated July 17, 2006
Cargo flights which operated from Central Japan International Airport.
4,The latest news of Centrair Updated October 1, 2006
The news about Central Japan International Airport(Centrair).
5,The latest news of Nagoya Airport Updated October 1, 2006
The news about Nagoya Airport.
6,Photos Under renewal
Photos of many airplanes shot at Nagoya Airport.
7,Photos at Centrair Updated April 24
Photos of many airplanes shot at Centrair.
8,Aviation Links Updated July 17, 2006. Added 1 link.
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