About me

(Introduction to myself)

Name T.Koyanagi
My residence Tokai city,Aichi prefecture,Japan(The south of Nagoya city)
My Hobbys Aviation,Railways,Traveling,etc.
Traveling-abroad history Bangkok and Ayutaya, Thailand(September, 2001)
London, UK(September, 2001)
Beijing, China(February, 2002)
Seattle, WA, USA(September, 2002)
London and Dover, UK(Serpember-in the mid of October,2003, To learn English)
Seoul, South Korea(from October 31 until November 3, 2004)
Singapore and Johor Bahru ,Malaysia(May, 2005)
Pheonix ,AZ and San Francisco, CA, USA
(From December 29, 2005 until January 2, 2006)
Taipei, ROC(March, 2006NEW
My Favorite sports Baseball and soccer

I'm a man who lives in Tokai city,Aichi prefecture,Japan. I was born in Tokai city in 1979. Tokai city is located about 20 minutes from Nagoya station by Meitetsu train.(Incidentally, I take the commuter train of Meitetsu in my Japanese homepage.)

I sometimes go to Central Japan International Airport to shoot pictures of aircraft. I introduce both Central Japan International Airport and Prefectual Nagoya Airport in my homepage.

Japan's central region(Called Chubu region) which includes Nagoya city and Aichi prefecture is seldom known in the world. So I will introduce about Chubu region in my homepage,too.

I have continued to study English since I was a junior high school student. But I think I need to study English because I'm weak in written English composition and speaking English too

If you find English mistakes in this homepage I would be pleased if you would correct the errors and let me know by email.

Finnaly,I hope you can enjoy my homepage!

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