No,1 Aviation

Homepage's name and these details
Central Japan International Airport(Centrair)
The official site of Central Japan International Airport which included flight information,the introduction of terminal buinding,etc.
Central Japan International Airport Co.
The official site of Central Japan International Airport Company.
Nagoya Airport Conversion
The website of Prefectual Nagoya Airport by Aichi Prefecture.
Central Japan International Airport Home Page
A Chubu International Airport's page in Aichi Prefecture's website.

The'AirNet'Web Site

Lots of aviation sites are introduced in this homepage.

Visiting PHX
This site introduces Phenix Sky Harbor International Airport,USA. It has Lots of airplane's photos and various news.
This site consists of Airline News,Airline Links,DVD,Shopping Mall,etc.
This site consists of lots of photos,spotting guides,links,and aviation news,etc.
Gate 52 Online
This site consists of photos which shot in the world and spotting guide in Australian airports,etc.

Ringway net
This site introduces Manchester Airport,U.K. and consists of a lot of airplane's photos and news,airport guide,etc.

Airplane Airplane Airplane
This site consists of airport photos which shot from the sky and local airport around the world,etc. And it introduces the spotting spots of some airports in Japan.

This site introduces Zurich Airport,Switzerland with lots of photos and spotting guide.
This site introduces Munich Airport,Germany and consists of many airplane's photos.

CPH Aviation
This site introduces Copenhagen Airport and consists of spotter guide,news,photos,log,etc.
Hong Kong Plane Spotting and Photography Guide
This site introduces Hong Kong International Airport and consists of general information,transport,and viewing spots,etc.

AskCaptainLim... Flying Safely on the Boeing777
This site introduces Boeing777 in detail.

A great aviation website of photos from Germany

No,2 Railway

Japan Railways Group The English page of Japan Railways Group. This site introduces the routes schedules,fares,
Nagoya Railroad Co.,Ltd.NEW The English website of Nagoya Railroad Co.,Ltd. which is called "Meitetsu". Nagoya Railroad Co.,Ltd. operates trains from Central Japan international Airport Station.

NO,3 Chubu region and others

NET AICHI The official site of Aichi prefecture.
Aichi Prefectual Tourist Assosiation The tourist guide of Aichi prefecture
NAGOYA Convention&Visitors Bureau Lots of tourist information in Nagoya area.
Tokoname city English pages in the official site of Tokoname city.Chubu International Airport will open on Ise-wan(Ise bay) off Tokoname city in February 2005
Regions & Cities A link site of All Japanese prefectures and cities with English page.
Nagoya Destination Guide-Yahoo! Travel The introduction of Nagoya and Chubu region in Yahoo!
Yahoo! Travel-Nagoya The introduction of Nagoya in Yahoo! UK & Ireland
Welcome to Central Japan! The tourist information of Chubu area including Nagoya by Chubu District Transport Bureau Ministry of Land,Infrastructure and transport.

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