About the Chubu region,(Japan)

1,Nagoya City,Aichi Prefecture

Nagoya is the third largest city in Japan after Tokyo and Osaka,and is Located between Tokyo and Osaka. More than 2 million people live in Nagoya City. And also the seat of the prefectural goverment in Aichi Prefecture more than 7 million people are living in.

The center of Nagoya City is Sakae. Lots of office buildings and stores,parks are in this area. Nagoya castle which one of historic bulidings in Nagoya lies to the north of Sakae.

And Nagoya Station lies about 2 kilometers to the west of Sakae. Not only 4 railroad companies (JR line which includes the Shinkansen,Nagoya City Subway.Meitetsu Line,and Kintetsu Line) go through this station but also there are 2 towes (JR Central Towers) on the station. This buinding consists of a department store,restaurants,
observation platform,offices,and hotel.

TV Tower in Sakae. The tall is 180 meters

Oasis 21,the three-dimentional park

Central park near TV Tower. There are lots of park in Nagoya

JR Central Towers seen from Sakae.

JR Central Towers. The tall is 245 meters.

The Hori River(Horikawa in Japanese) which flows through Nagoya City

2,Tokai City (I'm living in)

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