***The 60th end of the war anniversary***
"Recollection of B-29"
Chapter 7: Recent situation of "Sodame"

B-29: The U.S. Air Force heavy bomber (World War II)
Crash point: Sodame sakaue-Cho Toyota-cty Aichi-Prefecture (Present address)

1. "B-29 NO SATO" (The villager calls Sodame "B-29 NO SATO")
Sign and bulletin board of B-29 at hometown

Sodame is a point where The Leading Lady crashes in Jan 3. 1945 by hurling oneself about fighter Tony of Japanese army. It reports on the recent situation of "Sodame "that passes 60 years.

My B-29 Website is opened to the public and five years have passed. It came to be able to exchange information with the bereaved family of B29 Leading Lady and email. I open the recent situation of Sodame to the public. It is necessary for the soul of 11 B29 crew who died here for bereaved families to repay it. Moreover, it was judged that I was necessary so that both parties should not fight miserable.

The villager of Sodame calls the B29 crash ground "B-29 NO SATO". The meaning of "B-29 NO SATO" is a hometown of B-29. They celebrate the B-29 plum tree festival in around March when plum blossoms bloom every year. At that time, the person who witnesses the crash of B29 has decreased. However, the shooting down event is handed down. And, it seems to connect with the desire that prays for dead'.

"B-29 NO SATO" Scenery

It is home and a plum grove of those who sponsor it and Mr. Tomoaki. Abe of the B-29 plum tree festival. It is the next soon there in the B-29 crash point. He held the 9th plum tree festival in this plum grove this year.

Note, Jan 29 2011
Afterwards, the plum tree festival that had continued for about ten years was canceled.

2. Current state of crash point

Sign of B-29 crash point

The crash point is a mixture woods of the bamboo and the Japan cedar as seeing it. However, the villager maintains the approach there, cuts the weed, and is welcoming the visitor.

B-29 carrying out road(left,2005)
The other side of this sign is a crash point. It is a passage carried out to make B-29 shot down booty, and to investigate. As for remains of B-29 carried out from here to the nearby field, it seems to be able to have done many mountains. B-29 carrying out road(right, 1945)

3. B-29 plum tree festival (March 26. 2005)

Those who sponsor it introduction

The left side is Mr. Abe from whom the crash point lives in the west side soon. He is a propeller of maintenance and the preservation of the crash point, and it is sponsor of the plum tree festival.

The right side is plum tree festival agreement person's Mr. Suzukawa. He is a grandchild of Mr. Gintaro Suzukawa by which the propeller axle of B-29 hit home directly at that time. For him, crashing was still a baby. And, it holds in mother and running away.

Rice cake making (MOCHITUKI)

The B-29 plum tree festival is held in the plum grove in the Mr.Abe house. The participant is those who agree in Sodame and neighboring districts, and the outdoors barbecue party of about 30 people. The participant prepares the party by all members.

The rice cake is prepared and the treat that attaches, and uses a homemade ingredient is prepared. The past is recalled while drinking the beer, and it talks happily and, then, it eats the treat making the SAJIKI (gallery ) in the plum grove.

kabob (NEGIMA)

The participant skillfully prepares it by the division of labor. It is NEGIMA that seems to be delicious. NEGIMA is a kabob of meat and the Welsh onion.

Ayu's kabob (Sweet Fish)

Neighboring districts of Sodame are done about the ayu at the point of production. It digs up the hole on ground, and it is waited to be brown burnt of the ayu of the skewer as the combustion fire is done.

Thus, the B-29 plum tree festival progresses. The understanding of B-29 advances in the participant who doesn't know B-29 either when the party ends.

Thus, the legend of Sodame B-29 is handed down to future generations. This seems to be uncommonly seeing wonderful in present Japan.

4. Report of B-29 investigation result


I opened the B-29Sodame crash event to the public with Website all over the world. As a result, it reported on obtained information in Oct 3. 2003 and it reported to the villager of Sodame. It knew the B29 fact of the case that was not sure to be known up to now and it moved deeply the person present very much.

The person present is from the left to Mr. Tomoaki. Abe , Mr. Hiroki. Nakane, Mr. Syou. Yamase, and B-29 crash witness's Ms.Mitue. Nakane.

The grandchild of Ms.Mitue. Nakane saw Website of B-29, dropped in the mountain in my house B-29, and had sent Mail. The villager of Sodame also is having interest in the Internet through B-29.

This photograph is a souvenir picture of the report association that takes a picture in the door in the Mr. Abe house.

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