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Recollection of B-29
B-29 Superfortress

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Investigation of the juvenile recollection in the war last stage

Contents: This Website is such a Site that solves the truth of the recollection of B-29 of half century ago. I witnessed that the American soldier escapes from with a parachute at that time, and was captured by a Japanese corps. Did the he return alive to the home country safely?
I visited the crash point of B-29. I disclosed the information with HP. The information, traveled Japan and America. And, I received the offer of information from many visitors. I was able to summarize the documents of 60 years ago based on the testimony and GHQ record of the B-29 prisoner of war survivor in that time.
2010 year is the 65th end of the war anniversary and an anniversary 10th of the B-29Web Site opening to the public. I add information afterwards to Chapter 8 and open it to the public. Please have fun until it is last.

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4
Visit of the B-29
crash point

Truth of B-29
US soldier returning
alive of the miracle

B-29 information
& link collection

Guidance Board
of the B-29 crash point

B-29 Engine.
Mr Kramer Gerd offer
of the Germany

Omori POW camp
release Aug 29.1945
B-29 POW Mr.Hap Halloran offer

The left from,
Mr I. Kashiwade
Mr Hap Halloran
and Mr S. Sakai
Chapter 5
New Aug 27.2021
Chapter 6
Chapter 7 Chapter 8
B-29 sequel
The Leading Lady

P-51 pilot's news
Recent situation of Sodame
B-29 Friendship Memorial

Souvenir picture
Leading Lady Crew

1Lt.Chism's control

Monument is kept and
B29 plum tree festival is celebrated every year.

Unveiling ceremony in Japan-U.S
Nov 14 2010

Access to the B-29 Site is,
B-29 Guide Map (Google)

Update history information
This Website started in Mar 2000. I received the offers of the encouragement and information of many visitors from Japan and America.
And, this time. The 6th update version is opened to the public based on information afterwards in commemoration of the 63th end of the war anniversary.

Chapter 1: Renewal version / Feb 2006
Chapter 2: Renewal version / Jan 2003
Chapter 3: Renewal version / Jan 2003
Chapter 4: Information addition in every case
Chapter 5: Additional edit / Jun 2016 New
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Chapter 7: Additional edit/ June 2005
Chapter 8: Additional edit/ Dec 2010 New
B-29 Guide Map: Additional edit/ Apr 2013 New

P.S. I disclosed B-29 with Website and experienced the power of IT. It became possible to thought to be the impossibility until now.
I was able to enjoy B-29 by the aid of many visitors.
I am thankfull to you for your help.
Even the following Website please visit it.
"B-29 Photo Museum"

Photo: B-29s USAF of 314BW/19BG that drops a lot of incendiary bomb on the Yokohama city area.

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