Introduction of my family

Windows98 and I /Sep 9.1998

My name is K. Okada and I am 60 years old. I began to make " My Homepage" from February, 1999. I think that it is never too late to learn. Japanese say "60 no tenarai" How about you?

・・・ IT life five-years progress ・・・
Windows98.FMV-SZ267・WindowsXP.FMV-CE21C and I

This Picture was taken in Feb .2004
Back pictures are B-29 bombers.

2007Nagoya dinosaur continental exposition/Grandchildren

This picture was taken to Aug 15. 2007 with Nagoya dinosaur continental exposition.

Tokyo Disney Resort commemoration/All families

This photo was taken to Feb 20.2005 with Tokyo Disney Sea.

They are my grandchildren.The grandson's name is Keisuke & the granddaughter's name is Yukiko/ Sep/1998

Keisuke & Yukiko/Oct 1999

Keisuke & Yukiko/Oct 1999

This baby is the grandchild of my 3rd one.
Her name is Ayumi/Oct 1999

Kirita & Ayumi/Jan 2.2002

Keisuke7 years old, Yukiko 5 years old and Ayumi 2 years old/Jun 2001

Millennium Baby

I'm glad to meet you. My name is Kirita Okada and I am " Millennium Baby" of Okada family.

A new-born baby's first visit to the shrine.

Praying the safety of Kirita we visited a shrine/Apl 2.2000.

Kirita visited the home of the father for the first time in the spring vacation.
The tulip that the grandmother planted was beautiful/Apl 30. 2002

Kirita is 2 years old soon. The snow play of Kirita is for the first time/Jan 3.2002

Debut of Wako.

I am the 5th grandchild. I visited the home of my mother for the first time/Aug 12.2002.

Debut of Reiji.

I am the 6th grandchild. I visited the home of my father for the first time/Aug 12.2002.

Debut of Rina.

I am the seventh grandchild.
It is visiting a shrine today. Oct 3.2004

Debut of Kiko/The under

I am the eighth grandchild.
It is the 21st day after one's birth.
Aug 30.2007

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