Floral calendar of my house


The plum of my house garden is in full bloom in the middle of February

The plum of my house begins to blossom when it becomes February every year and be in all glory until the first ten days of March.
This plum is in the sunny place, this tree bears a lot of fruits every year.
It is an annual event to harvest the fruit of a plum at the time of the rainy season and make plum brandy.


The flowering plants began to blossom.

When the garden of my house enters in March the flowering plants of a potted plant begins to blossom.
This picture is a Viola tricolor and viola and be in full bloom already in the warm winter this year.


The spiraea tells spring. The tulip and other flowering plants are beautiful.

Spiraea of full-bloom, April/3/1999 shot.
The spiraea of the corner of the garden was forgotten until now. However, the spiraea did debut to the homepage in this year.

Tulips, April/3/1999 shot.
The tulip blossomed and a grandchild was pleased it very much.

Rape blossoms. April/3/1999 shot.

Viola. April/3/1999 shot.

PORIANSA. April/3/1999 shot.

North Pole. April/3/1999 shot.


As for May,the peony and rose blossom, the green of lawn becomes vivid.

This is a peony, my wife planted 3 saplings 2 years ago.
The peony attached a big flower such that it expected this year, and it has been planted in the east garden of dining room, and the peony grew up well following the morning sun with sunrise. May/1/1999 shot.

This is a rose garden. Color of the rose flower , It is red, yellow, orange and pink. May/14/1999 shot.
The river on the right is water for agriculture(irrigation canal). We call this river Meijiyousui. And, one hundred twenty years passed in this year after this water for irrigation was finished. The agriculture of this district developed with the benefit of this river. And, the agriculture area of the lower stream of this river was called "Denmark of Japan".

This year, a red rose blossomed first. It is very beautiful. May/14/1999 shot


The flower of the hydrangea tells summer. I can approach of golf with the lawn of the garden.

This hydrangea is under the tree of a persimmon. It is a small pose a little, but a refreshing flower blossoms.June/9/1999 shot

This is my green. I transplant and this lawn 3 years passed. I have come to can the practice of an approach and putter. The maintenance of this lawn is my job. June/9/1999 shot

Even the "Frame hydrangea" was delayed on 9th and blossomed.
June/18/1999 shot

This is "Star flocks".
June/18/1999 shot

This is "petyunia".
June/18/1999 shot

This is "Hanatemari".
June/18/1999 shot

This is the flower of lily.
June/17/1999 shot

This is the sprout of a cycad.
June/18/1999 shot


It is in the afternoon of intense heat day. I observed the flowering plant of the garden.

It grew well without being discouraged to the sun in midsummer. Recent is small sunflower and the thin yellow flower is seen.
July/24/1999 shot

This is ground cherry. I think that she is fine to the grave worship in Bon Festival and be desiring.
July/24/1999 shot

This is rose of sharon. When I say in Japanese it is Mukuge.
July/24/1999 shot

This is Casablanca
July/24/1999 shot

Blackberry-lilyBell-flower MarigoldAgeratum
July/24shotJuly/24shot July/24shot July/24shot


The end of the war memorial day(AUG 15,1945) also came in this year. I recall the scene that heard the radio broadcast on the shelf in everybody in a hot day, in the time. It is today. The children of homecoming came back. I looked at the flowering plants of the garden in the after.

A big rainbow is linked in Yahagi River. This theme of Photograph is "A rainbow and sunflower"
( Aug 15 shot )

For the first time I noticedAug,15 shot Aug,15 shot Aug,15 shot


As for I, summer of this year is very hot and it was thought as it was long. It spends the first summer in the home after retirement age. It is because it also went out everywhere. I spent most in the building which air cooling worked heretofore. And, becoming at night I was returning home. I felt realistically real summer after a long time this year.

(Sep,19 shot)

Syukaidoukakutoranoo ToreniaKeitou
Sep14 shotSep,14 shot Sep,14 shot Sep,14 shot


EA typhoon season even this year passed. And fall came. It was the festival of a my town yesterday. And it was the fine weather. Thereupon, I tried to walk around the town with mountain bike. The construction works of the bridge pillar of a huge highway went on in the edge of a town. We went out to the athletic meet of the kindergarten today. It was the day like a summer's day today. My two grandchildren persisted sensibly.

(Oct 9 shot)

(Oct 9 shot)

(Oct 9 shot)


It became November.The sales of the New Year's card even this year also began. While updating HP. I set up the idea of the New Year's card. It is warm yet this year and yet the flowering plant in summer is blossoming. I went through hardships to find the flower that should blossom in this time. I think to be the favor of the effort of the wife that I could continue the floral calendar up to here. I am doing gratitude very much.

"Hanarakyou (Flower scallion)"
(Nov 7 shot)

(Nov 7 shot)

This persimmon is very delicious and attach many fruit every year. Especially. There is popularity in the person of a senior. Children and grandchildren do not do to eat first of all. Japanese looks like the era without knowing the taste of the persimmon. The reason is because it eats a more delicious thing every day.

"It is the seedling of a flower"
(Nov 7 shot)

My wife does the preparation of the seedling of such a flower. herefore and also even next year is seem can expect the visiting in lively spring in the garden of our house.


It entered in December. However, still a warm day continues. The warm winter in recent years became constant. I think as the influence. Many off-season flowering plants blossom in the garden of my house. It, the seed of the flower that blossomed in spring and summer falls. And,that also seems to blossom in this time. Please see such a flowering plant.

(Dec 6 Shot)

(Dec 6 Shot)

(Dec 6 Shot)

(Dec 6 Shot)

"Kinsennka (Marigold)"
(Dec 6 Shot)

Pansy"Kanenonaruki" "Benisitann"Nandin
(Dec 6 Shot)(Dec 6 Shot) (Dec 6 Shot) (Dec 6 Shot)


It is Millennium this year. There was not the Y2K problem that was been afraid of. I could enter upon a calm new year. I looked at flowering plants that of the garden on January 15. A various flower was blossoming to midwinter. Please see the facial expression of the flowers.

"Potted plant"
The flowering plants tells spring.
(Jan 16 Shot)

" Kinsenka" blossomed also in midwinter.
(Jan 16 Shot)

"This flower is narcissus of Japan that blossoms in winter. "
(Jan 16 Shot)

"Bud of the plum"
I began to make this homepage when this plum blossoms last year. And the time in 1 year already passed in this month.
(Jan 16 Shot)

I published the flowering plants of our house in this page for 1 year.
I think that you visited this page joyfully. Thank you.

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