Bellco, Ltd.

464 Imai-cho,
240-0035 Japan

TEL: 81-45-351-8621
FAX: 81-45-351-8626

    Based on experience gained in the real world of racing cars, Bellco, Ltd. has developed technical know-how which we apply in building prototypes as well as doing volume production for passenger cars, trucks, and specialty vehicles.
As an introduction to the company we explain Bellco's corporate concept, history and development.
The particular features which make up the Bellco advantage in planning, development, technology, and production.
Zero-Nine is a new product now available that removes adhering metal dust and rust! Introducing Power Urethane, based on a brand new technology for reinforcing a car body! Also introducing new products, such as vehicle-mounted facilities for producing emergency drinking water in the event of earthquakes.
Since 1946 Bellco has designed and developed numerous cars. Read about our history here.

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