Recollection of B-29
Chapter 2: Truth of B-29

B-29:Heavy bomber of an American air force
(The second world war)

1. Pursuit of the truth of B-29

1)Disclosure with HomePage (HP)
I visited crash point SODAME and it could understand that my juvenile memory was uncertain. However, the understanding of the situation in that time deepens and it is the feeling that approached the entrance of B-29.

However, Did crew that landed with a parachute the that be the thought in my half century return safely? The information that says that is not able to confirm. I need to check the GHQ record of the Department of Defense of U.S. to confirm their (Crew of B-29 and P-51) information. All the records in that time of the Japanese corps say that fear and incinerated the responsibility pursuit of the Allied Forces. The person who got involved in the event at that time passed away. The survey was thought as an impossibility.

However, as for the present, there is Internet. I disclosed my B-29 information with HP. And, I would wait for the information offer from the visiter. And, I thought to disclose even the information that was brought from the visiters.

When B-29 is searched with HP of U.S. promptly many information were disclosed. I check from simple question and I would have fun.

2)How many people was B-29 Crew?
As for B-29crew of SDAME 8 total of 1 person of existence were confirmed with 7 charred bodies. Besides were several crew? Thereupon, when I try to check HP of the B29 relation of U.S.

B-29's HP of U. S.
The crew of the B-29 was typically eleven, comprising pilot, copilot, bombardier, navigator, flight engineer, radio operator, radar operator, central fire control gunner, left side gunner, right side gunner and tail gunner. The first six crewmen were housed in the forward pressurized cabin. The next four were housed in the rear pressurized cabin. The tail gunner was in a separate pressurized compartment in the tail. Later in the war, the crew size was occasionally increased to 13 with the addition of two radar/radio operators to man the radar and electronic countermeasures equipment.

The crew of the B-29 was typically eleven, Therefore, 3 people were indistinct.

3)Survey of the bombing information of Jan 3.1945

What did they come to do on New Year 3 of a clear sky? I checked the B29 bombing information of an American air force. The result. In the day, B29 of 97 machine departed the Saipan Isuly airfield. And, 57 machine dropped an incendiary bomb and bomb on a Nagoya dog area. This day is intense the interception of a Japanese corps, be the attack of many fighters and be recorded with the loss 5 machine. In addition to this, it was many damage of B29. One machine of the loss 5 machine is judged as the SODAME crash machine. Accordingly, were 7 machine formation of B29 the way home after Nagoya dog bombing? The reconnaissance flight of bombing effect confirmation is conceivable.

Loss 5 body NO
SODAME crash machine: B29 #42-24766
Others loss machine: B29 #42-63418, B29 #42-24626, B29 #42-24748, B29 #42-24550

4)Documents of the man that became to hang space from B29
B-29American Maid that bombed Jan 3.1945 Nagoya dog was struck to the bullet of a Japanese corps in the Nagoya up in the air. The suddenly change of the air pressure broke out inside the instantaneous body. The TIM KURANTSU sergeant of waist gunner has been begun to inhale from the shooting window to machine outside. The following are the summary of the particulars of the accident that YANKU conveyed the graph magazine of an American army.

P.S. Accordingly, it is the article that I translated into English the one, that this article was translated an English sentence to Japanese once again

Air Balanco of the Nagoya up in the air
The accident broke out at the time of 3 times of bombing flight of American Maid. American Maid underwent a trouble even it previous bombing flight. In the beginning a fan dropped out from the 3rd engine. The body upper part window damaged it with the bombing flight of 2nd. And, the Heart master sergeant of top gunner is insufficient oxygen and was fainting.

The KURANTSU sergeant of this story felt anxiety for this accident. It is because the body aspect window that is his one's post even to say that was sufficient size for the purpose that the body of the human being goes through. He thought in case that prepare for the worst and will add a spare strap. Colleagues laughed when KURANTSU is a too nervous temperament. The day American Maid was located in the tail end of formation. The interception of this day Japanese corps were intense. Many fighters came to attack. Suddenly, the window of the body aspect exploded. The KURANTSU sergeant was begun to inhale outside the machine.

At this time American Maid received the attack of the fighter of Japan from 6 direction. Because of this crews did not notice that the KURANTSU sergeant was begun to inhale outside the machine. A white fog suddenly occurred with the air pressure decline in the machine immediately after I received attack. It was condition the confusion there being serious the wounded who it was shot. After that the crew noticed although KURANTSU is not. Furthermore the foot of KURANTSU saw that is caught by the window that cracked. They tried to raise and tried to hold harness. This situation the Daiton lieutenant in flight shot the neighbour a camera.

The face of KURANTSU that was raised into the machine was covered with the blood that froze. He was pale the face, the eyeball that opened was freezing. They thought that KURANTSU is dead, but, KURANTSU attached an oxygen mask. After it passes a little KURANTSU takes consciousness and returned. The KURANTSU sergeant was laid to the bed of the back cabin.

And it did the injection of, furthermore it did drop of blood plasma. As a result, as for he, there was not an influence in life. However, winter season equipment without, it the outside air of -40 the above sea level 9600m in to was exposed the place. Therefore he became the heavy frostbite. And he was sent to the hospital of Hawaii.

P.S. After this event, the US authority did Action of recurrence prevention quickly. I think that this action under wartime is wonderful. The window of the present jumbo jet plane I think a small reason to be the recurrence prevention of this event.

5)How many liters is gasoline at the time of the crash?
The action radius of B29 depends on the installation quantity and the flight height of the bomb. With almost 2600 km this is equal to the distance of the Guam island and Japan proper. The fuel tank is 35 kl with the full tank. Therefore, yet 17.5Kl or more for one way were subsisting to the fuel tank inside the machine. This is the gasoline for 1 cup of tank lorry. Please imagine the sight that this fuel raises in the hill at the back and burnt black smoke.

6)Why did TOYOTA MOTOR CORP. escape it from the bombing of B-29?
TOYOTA MOTOR CORP. 20 year history described as follows.

A huge bomb fell to the factory. B-29 of 3 machine, that came flying on the TOYOTA MOTOR CORP up in the air around Aug 14.1945 2p.m. dropped an ultra large bomb. Fall point be company residence home neighborhood, IMA town of Yahagi riverside and our factory, to it was each 1

The fall point to the factory was the vacant lot of a factory. Damage depended on the blast and was the loss of 2,396,000 yen with the amount in that time. This was 2% of the whole factories.

After the war, soon, the damage situation of the air raid of our company an U. S corps came to the survey. According to the schedule of the bombing that the time they showed, They began to bomb on August 14 and was scheduled to bomb it TOYOTA and KARIYA area in 3 to 5 days.Actually, having August 15 it does not become an end of the war. War, if 1 week continues the rest. It is thought that the factory of TOYOTA series each company where is in TOYOTA and KARIYA area ruined.

Automobile factory be, because it was not the 1st goal of the Japan proper bombing goal of U.S. The others of the machine-gunning by a fighter did not suffer big damage.

P.S.: The B-29 3 machine that came flying on TOYOTA is the special organization corps No. 509CG assignment of an atomic bomb drop in each case. The bomb that dropped it was the imitation shot of an atomic bomb and was called the nick name pumpkin.

7)How many B-29 did it produce? Total from HP of U. S.
B29 mass production model: 2513 machine.
Total that added B29A B29B of the improved model: 3943 machine.

1.B29 model :
Boeing company Wichita, Kansas plant: 1620 machine/From September, 1943 to October, 1945

Martin company Omaha, Nebraska piant: 536 machine/From 1944 to September, 1945
Bell company Marietta, Georgia plant: 357 machine/In February, 1944`January, 1945

2.Improvement model of B29
Boeing company Renton plant: B29A=1119 machine/Until May, 1946
Bell company Marietta, Georgia plant: B29B=311 machine/From January, 1945 to September, 1945
B29C=Contract nullification before production

8)Development story of B-29/Fight of Kansas
This is the documents from the development to application of B-29 that gathered the technology power of U.S.

It is the mass production in a short development period. The hell is called the fight of Kansas. It was gallant. It was Kansas that it became the a battlefield.

In the factory of establishment the production scene staff of the Boeing company already completed B-29 of 97 machine by April, 1944. However, it was 16 machine to be able to fly. Eighty-one remaining machine a part and device, without reaching, even if it is installed there is a faulty and also with, it was impossible flight

It was not only a body maker and engine maker to the production of B-29. A numerous subcontract enterprise got involved including a device. A those subcontract enterprise were not able to flatter the progress of a very rapid mass production plan.

It was a R-3350 engine that it was a problem especially. It entered into mass production in incomplete condition as the engine. Therefore the malfunction by the mistake and assembly defectiveness on the design frequently occurred. Moreover, the part supply became large confusion, because the design change and repair were put in succession for the correspondence. ----Below omission

The overheat habit that is the biggest weak point of an engine none the less was not repaired. One of the cause is in the design of body side. Cowling was not sufficient to the size of an engine for resistance reduction. Therefore, the air that cools the engine was not sufficient. ---- Below omission

However, there was a problem in the engine side. The lubrication of the cylinder head part is insufficient and the valve melted when this does overheat. And a fire occurred. Also there is the board called baffle, to admit cooling air between the cylinder that lined up in the radiation state to 2 lines every 9 base. Baffle damaged and also did overheat instantly, when there is an installation mistake and directly associated to the fire often. ----Below omission

Besides the work of the nights and days of many persons concerned were started for many problem solution. As for in the Mar 1944 U. S. Middle West winter did not leave forever. 1The engineers of an army challenged to the huge body of B-29 in, snow and cold wind to a Boeing and light company, it with the apron of the open air in, the Boeing factory of the base and Wichita of every place of Kansas and worked.

B-29 of 100 machine was delivered to a corps 5 weeks later as a result of the effort. The efforts of these engineers are called the fight of Kansas at the later time and be a topic.

9)Organization of the 20th American air force (20AF)

Note: BC: Bomber Command, BW: Bomberdment Wing, BG: Bomberdment Grope, BS: Bomberdment Squadron

1.The 20th Bomer Command (XXBC)
58 BW===Base: Calcutta & Chengtu suburbs=== 4 BG=== 4 BS to each

Bombing goal: The south
/China/Taiwan/each Kyushu area military establishments/Yawata iron mills

2.The 21th Bomer Command (XXBC)
73 BW=== Base: Saipan Isley airfield=== 4 BG=== 3 BS to each

Bombing goal: The south/each Japan proper military establishments/city area indiscrimination bombing...Below same.

313 BW=== Base: Tinian island north airfield=== 5 BG===3 BS to each

314 BW=== Base: Guam north airfield=== 4 BG===3 BS to each

58 BW=== Base: Tinian island west airfield=== 4 BG===3 BS to each

315 BW=== Base: Guam northwest airfield=== 4 BG=== 3 BS to each

Others: Scout shooting, Map preparation, Rescue party which makes Iwo Island the base etc.

10)How many machine did B-29 depart at attack?---Answer: 26,814 machine
From the B-29 departure listing of an American air force announcement (U.S V.S Japan War)
BW each, Each month departure number, Totaling the loss number it shows it to the list shown below. However, Climate,the lay of the land, success in battle and other reconnaissance flight do not include it
Year/monthXXBC departureXXBC lossXXIBC departureXXIBC lossTotal departureTotal loss
Total 3,0588223,75632126,814403


1. Loss machine total= 403 machine@ 2. Total departure number= 26,814 machine. (Effective bomber number is about 80%.)
3. B-29 loss rate=403/26,814=1.5%
4. B-29 victim= 403 X 11 people=4,433 people- survivor
5. Japan Victim= military establishments/whole country main cities/Hiroshima & Nagasaki atomic bomb = about six billion people (by estimation)
6. The gasoline consumption volume=26,814 times X 35 kl/15 kl (a tank lorry )=62,566 units/tank lorry

Photo: The postwar, B29 group that lines up in the Saipan Isley airfield runway.

11)Who is the B-29 shooting down king of the Japanese corps?
--- Answer: Isam Kasiide lieutenant
According to the record of war of Isam Kasiide lieutenant he shot down B29 26 machine with fighter HIEN. And, he became a shooting down king. He was an U.S. embassy in 1985 and faced with well-known Mr Hap Halloran with the B-29 prisoner of war survivor.

TORYU that a B-29 guy feared
Allied Forces name Nick

12)Output Power of the engine of B29?
Time of a takeoff: 2,200ps/2800rpm x 4 engine=8,800ps
Time of an urgent battle:2,300ps/2,600rpm x 4 engine=9,200ps/altitude 25,000feet

Engine total displacement volume: 54,860 cc/a engine (Cylinder diameter 155.6 mm. Stroke 160.2 mm) X 4 engine= 219,440cc

---at 2,600rpm/altitude7,600m

Photo: B-29 engine, Mr Gerd Kramer offer of the Germany KMT GmbH company

13)Pursuit of B-29 advanced
I checked the translation of the B-29 operation manual of an American air force, to do advanced of B-29 Pursuit. Please see the following HP.
B-29 Photo Museum

14)Echo of B-29's HP
I received about 100 email in 2 years including Korea, Germany Japan and America mainly. I was surprised at the height of the interest to B-29. Age reaches to a senior from school children.

The contents were useful for the survey of B-29 with the homework of summer vacation. A 93 year-old father wants to know the information in that time that shot down B-29 in Nanking of China. Writer Mr Michael Dana Kennedy of Boston residing gives Site of the English edition editing by all means. Site of the English edition was able to edit it with his encouragement.

After email came from U.S. However, the person who visits Site and take out email is the child and grandchild of a B-29 crew. They understand the thought to my B-29 crew and have sent a yell.

I received the photo of B-29 that reconstructs recently from the B-29 mania and jumped up, News item, of the Japanese bombing in time of war, And photo of the engine from Germany.

However, the information of the core does not enter. However, even Japan even U.S. as for the interest to B-29, there are quite a lot reactions. Especially U.S. be HP of the fellow soldier meeting of B-29"B-29 Superfortress Then and Now"Because their activity is reported it is pleasure.

15)Encouragement from Mr. Kennedy
The following is the first email from Mr. Kennedy of Jan 3.2001. I disclosed the English edition of B-29 one month later with the effect of this email. He is a writer and have an interest in Japan at the time of the end of the war. He is my friend.

***I saw your B-29 website and you did a tremendous amount of work. I wish you had an English website. Thank you,
Michael Dana Kennedy Boston, Massachusetts USA ***

16)Information of a B29 existence soldier
---"B29 crash"Japanese who saved an American soldier--- The book that says that was issued in Japan. The author is Mr Hidesaburo Kusaba. The author, who this book was an elementary school second year student at that time checked the B29 event that crashed to Yatabe Ibaraki-Pref of the hometown. His motive is the thought to the inhabitants of a village and the American soldier with the courage who rescued 3 American soldier.

The contents are based on it as a result of the survey of the voluminous fact relation of Japan and America. And, it was issued in 1999. (Crash machine: With a Mar 10.1945 Tokyo air raid )

As for 3 existence American soldier a corps arrested it after rescue. It was removed in Tokyo of the burned fields in the day. One of the serious wound of the inside was the Tokyo foreign language school site of Imperial Palace periphery and executed (Neck cut) with 6 of the army headquarters officer and military policeman. Other 2 soldier were burnt to death with other many prisoners of war with the fire of the army prison by the air raid of May 20.1945.

This seems to have been the real in that time. In addition to this, I saw the case of the crash machine of B-29 in the Internet. There were a few existence American soldier in each case. However, it was the in each case miserable last term.

I think that it was rare case if it actually makes it that B29's POW of SODAME was able to return safely.

17)B-29 bombing notice bill and Aomori air raid (Photo: Notice Bill)

The Jul 27.1945 midnight from on 28th the up in the air of Aomori-Ctiy Hakodate-city B29 of 2 machine came flying. B-29 scattered plentiful Bill and had left. The following contents were done to bill brush writing.

Tell to the Japanese nations

*** Don't you think to help the life of the parents brother friend of a self? Please read this bill well if you want to help it. An American air force bombs the military establishments that are in 4 or 5 cities that wrote to the back after the several days.

There is the factory where manufactures the military establishments and munitions in this city. The U. S. armed forces destroy the weapon that Japan use this to prolong the war that is not able to win. However, there is not the eye in the bomb. Therefore, don't understand where the bomb falls. Therefore, please evacuate from the city where is written to the back.

The enemy of America is not you. The military authorities which draw you into the war are an enemy. The peace that America is thinking is to release you from the pressure of the military authorities merely. If it does it so it becomes better new Japan.

How is it if make the peaceful country where changes to a new leader and stop the war? There is the possibility that is bombed even except for the city where is written to this back. U. S. armed forces choose 4 cities from the city where is written to this back and@it bombs it without fail.

Please evacuate from the city where is written to the back. ***

Aomori in addition 10 city names were written the photo of the B29 formation in bombing in the background to the back of Bill.

Bill was dropped in each city 60,000 sheets of each. These bill be by, ministerial ordinance No. 6, In the case that I possessed it penal servitude, over 3 months or, it is the fines of Ten yen within. @In the case that told the contents to the 3rd person the penal servitude over unlimited or 1 year was determined. It was made the duty of the nations that I submit it to the police, vigilance corps without reading content or it picks up it. Actually about 80% were collected.

The Jul 28.1945 Aomori city hall is notice when it eliminates it from the resident ledger, if it does not return to the refuge person by 28th. Therefore, the distribution of the general goods is stopped. he citizen had returned in the city continuously from the refuge area with the reason. The Aomori street was crowded after a long time.

At 21:30 the large formation of B-29 invades in Sendai Bay. At 22:10 the siren of the air raid warning resounded in Aomori city. Radio announcer, who tells the invasion of the enemy plane, Everybody of an Aomori citizen ! It demonstrates please make efforts TUGARU soul and and ,, When the repeated calls that resembled the scream that are repeated the induction machine of 12 machine came flying on the head of the citizen.

The induction machine dropped the flare bomb on the surroundings of the goal. There was the duty that instructs the bombing range to reinforcements. It has come to close the escape of the citizen as the result.

The flare bomb illuminated the city area like a midday. To the middle the incendiary bomb had been scattered to indiscrimination. The attack was taken decisive action extending from about 4,300m height, and, it continued 22:37 to 71 minutes.

Aomori city where prided in 100,000 people of population at one time, as a result of this disappeared from the ground. When the night ends a charred bodies got scattered in the city ubiquitously. Damage is not sufficient to take and the prefectural police general manager who is the duties of the maintenance of public peace of about this. Every inhabitant of prefecture maintain the faith of certain victory and Do not be lost to a rumor,, He announced to defend each workplace coolly and be industrious to air defense and production.

88% of the city areas were burning down according to the report of the United States of America strategic bombing inquiry commission in the postwar. When the military establishments are destroyed to warning bill it was specified. However, the TOYOSEIKAN factory where manufactured the part of the landing device and wing of a cargo airplane, according to the inquiry commission remained unburnt remarkably.

2. Memoirs of the B-29 crews

1)Truth of B-29 posterity in
How was it the state of mind of the B-29 crew that came flying to Japan proper? B-29 was the high flying and said that the antiaircraft gun of Japan does not reach. How was the truth? As I reply to the question the Japanese version of the following book was sent to my holding.

As I reply to the question the Japanese version of the following book was sent to my holding. Furthermore, there were the introduction of HP of the Japanese version memoirs of 2 B-29 crews.

The book
Sky Giants Over Japan ---A Diary of a B-29 Combat crew in WW 2---

The Chester Marshall pilot of the author, described the state of mind, that is limited and survived on the basis of the diary of bombing flight. Furthermore, the record of POW of Hap Halloran navigaitor is described.

I thought as the book that you must read.

Photo: B-29 that was shot down in the Tokyo up in the air.

3. Chapter 2 Summary

1)Understanding of strategic bomber B-29
I was able to approach the truth of B-29 fairly by virtue of the offer of the information from everybody.

2)Strategic effect of B-29
The Japan proper bombing by B-29 prevented one hundred million ruin of the Japanese nations preventively. It did the Japan proper landing strategy of the Allied Forces unnecessarily.

When the effect of B-29 bombing is observed with a human loss, 300,000 people of Japanese nations estimation with about 1,500 B-29 crews. It was the losses of 200 Japanese to every 1 American. And, stopped the root of the breath of the army and navy of the Japanese empire that were thought that don't abandon and arm it.

3)Bombing flight of B-29
B-29 was the bombing from the up in the air 10,000 m. But also it was said that a fighter did not reach not only the antiaircraft gun of Japan. However, overdoing fairly, to keep bombing accuracy actually it dropped from low altitude. Therefore 403 machine became the prey of a Japanese corps.

4. Reference data

I omitted it in the English version.edition, but it described to the Japanese edition.

In Chapter 3, Capture crew of the crash machine of the Japanese up in the air, be handled how and investigate how it was treated.
And, it approaches the information of B-29's crew & P51 pilot they. Please expect. I am gratitude to the support of a visitors.

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