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"Advanced pursuit of Heavy Bombers Boeing B-29 Superfortress"

Welcome to B29 Photo Museum.

B29 is the heavy bomber that U.S. develops and manufactures during the second world war. It is the heavy bomber that never can forget even for the nations of Japan. It is because it bombed 54 main cities of Japan proper with indiscrimination. Furthermore an atomic bomb was dropped to Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The bombing to the Japan proper by B29 was the total number of 15,000 machine. And, it is the strategic bomber that rounded off the second world war. Mainland bombing started from Jun 16.1,944 Yawata iron manufacture And, it was continued until the defeat days of Aug 15.1,945 of Japan. Meantime several 100,000 people of thing invaluable life was victims.

It is said that 485 machine are shot down even B29 that participated in bombing and most of 5335 American soldier was victims. And, even what kind of was the Superfortress? I introduce it while searching the new system of 55 years ago. Please see it slowly until it is last.

"Development circumstances" Japan and America outbreak of war before development of B29 in U.S. started in 1939. In 1940 the design details were produced. The Japan and America outbreak of war was Dec 8.1,941. In 1942 the first flight was done. The B29 style was manufactured 2513 machine by 1945. Furthermore 3942 machine were manufactured what, when the improved model of B29A B29B is included. The suggestion of this B29 was the Henlly Arnord head who was the commander of an American army air fleet with Nov1939. As for the main reason the axis power thinks case that South America continent a base is made somewhere including Germany. It is said that B29 was developed to defend America from the attack.

At that time, Sep1939.England and France decreed in Germany the front much. It was tied to Sep1940 the triple alliance of Japan Germany Italy. The environment of Japan and America outbreak of war was arranged. There was the threat of the "Messer shumit" fighter(755Km/h) of Germany technically the military affair at that time. The research of the atom nuclear physics was advanced to secrecy in U.S. As for U.S., Sep1942 already achieved the victory with Midway naval battle Jun1942 at the time of the first flight of B29. The American Allied Forces turned it to the position island attack of the Pacific southwest area at the opportunity of this.

Since then, the improvement of B29 was advanced. And, B29 that was produced expanded loading bomb capacity after that. And B29 reached out operation distance for 5000 km. And such a measure that the gun support for the antiaircraft battle is strengthened was taken. From at this time B29 was made to the strategic bomber of the Japanese Islands attack exclusive use aiming at Tokyo Hiroshima Kitakyuushuu Nagasaki and the others. Also, the background of this B29 large strategy The Japan related strategy of such the Loose Belt president that ruin be complete was been a start the Japanese empire that turns over in the over there of the Pacific and expand turning over. It begins to the body design as Tool that fills the various needs of the aviation strategy.

The B29 strategy was constructed including to the method that is rescued the crew who it was shot down in the commissariat strategy application and sea from the training of production crew with a flying boat and submarine. Moreover, the center of the magnificent technology strategy system was B29. And, succeeding the large production increase of B29 was started with the that 3 company.

1.1.Boeing company Wichita, Kansaplant: 1620 machine/from Sep1943 to Nov1945.
2.Martin company Omaha, Nebraska piant:536 machine/from Jun in 1944 to Sep 1945.
3.Bell company Marietta Georgia plant: 357 machine/from Feb in 1944 to Jan 1945.

How many B-29 did it produce? Total from HP of U. S.
B29 mass production model: 2513 machine.
Total that added B29A B29B of the improved model: 3943 machine.

1.B29 model :
Boeing company Wichita, Kansas plant: 1620 machine/From September, 1943 to October, 1945

Martin company Omaha, Nebraska piant: 536 machine/From 1944 to September, 1945
Bell company Marietta, Georgia plant: 357 machine/In February, 1944`January, 1945

2.Improvement model of B29
Boeing company Renton plant: B29A=1119 machine/Until May, 1946
Bell company Marietta, Georgia plant: B29B=311 machine/From January, 1945 to September, 1945
B29C=Contract nullification before production

First, Please see B29 that came flying on the Japanese up in the air 55 years ago.

1. B-29-90BW S/N 44-87,775 in flight

Please see excellent form in the flight of B29.
The cabin was equipment to air pressure adjustment and air conditioning. The crew bombed Japan proper while gnawing an apple.

Specification of the Boeing B-29 Superfortress

It is the copy of the specification that is entered to
And it is the specification of B29 that this is disclosed in U.S.

Four Wright R-3350-23 Duplex Cyclone eighteen-cylinder air-cooled radial engines each with two General Electric turbosuperchargers, delivering 2200 hp for takeoff and having a war emergency rating of 2300 hp at 25,000 feet.
Maximum speed 357 mph at 30,000 feet, 306 mph at sea level. Maximum continuous cruising speed 342 mph at 30,000 feet. Economical cruising speed 220 mph at 25,000 feet. Initial climb rate 900 feet per minute at combat weight. An altitude of 20,000 feet could be attained in 38 minutes. Service ceiling 33,600 feet. Maximum range was 3250 miles at 25,000 feet with 5000 pound bomb load. Practical operational radius was 1600-1800 miles. Maximum ferry range was 5600 miles, rising to 6000 miles with the extra fuel.
74,500 pounds empty, normal loaded 120,000 pounds, maximum overload 135,000 pounds.
Wingspan 141 feet 3 inches, length 99 feet 0 inches, height 27 feet 9 inches, wing area 1736 square feet.
Twelve 0.50-inch machine guns in four remotely-controlled turrets (two above and two below the fuselage) and in the tail, each with 1000 rounds of ammunition. In addition, early production blocks had a single rearward-firing 20-mm M2 Type B cannon with 100 rounds in the tail position. Later, two more guns were provided for the forward top turret. Maximum internal short-range, low-altitude bomb load was 20,000 pounds. A load of 5000 pounds of bombs could be carried over a 1600-mile radius at high altitude. A load of 12,000 pounds of bombs could be carried over a 1600-mile radius at medium altitude.

2. Overall dimensions and outline

Length 99 feet 0 inches (30.18m),
Wingspan 141 feet 3 inches(43.10m),
Height 27 feet 9inches (8.46m).

3. "Enola Gay"Atomic bomb drop machine to Hiroshima

Serial NO 44-86292 was Enola Gay,
Which doropped atomic bomb on Hirishima
Enola Gay in Smithsonian museum exhibition
B-29-45-MO S/N 44-86292
Eleven crews of the Enola Gay complain of the justifiability
of the atomic bomb drop at present in the Smithsonian museum.
If there is not our action it is the battle after that and many victims occurred.

4. The nose front of Enola Gay

The famous Norden bombing sight has been attached inside the window.

5. Bock's Car, Atomic bomb drop machine to Nagasaki

Serial NO 44-27297 was Bock's Car -- tha Nagasaki bomber, now on display at WPAFB Museum, OH
In the Dayton air force museum during exhibition.@

6. Pilot station

Pilot's instrument panel and controls.

This is a pilot seat. There is the copilot seat similar to this on this right side. It is according to the B29 operation manual. The positions, operation purpose, operation method of these measuring device and control unit were caused the pilot completely mastered due to safe security. And determining the restriction of many flight it was causing them it observed.
The part that puted the cover of the photograph right edge that time is the Norden bombing sight of the highest military secret. The front is a Bonberder seat and able to drop a bomb in visibility fine condition in the daytime. As this Norden sight destroys it before the B29 crash it was commanded. This is a serious precise optic scale and Bomberder set up the air pressure temperature drop angles speed and other data of goal points of the bomber to the Norden sight. The attack goal was confirmed with the optic system. Deciding the distance interval to the drop bomb number shot point it was dropping it. Bomberder measures and records those data and fall need time. And they try hard to the accuracy improvement.

7. Flight Engineer station

Engineer's instrument panel controls and switch panel.

It is the engineer seat that is located behind the copilot seat of the nose inside right side. The instruments and operation lever and the likes for the engine 4 base are arranged systematically.
Even although it says B29 that time was the gasoline engine of the carburetor installation that the engine stops. Even although it says B29 that time was the gasoline engine of the carburetor installation that the engine stops. The adjustment of the various operation condition that begins from the start of the engine was conducted by these operation. Lubricant temperature of the engine, Temperature of the cylinder head and Adjustment of mixture gas etc, They operated manually. Also the temperature of the most important cylinder head adjusts the flap so as not to exceed permission temperature and prevented heating with the chill introduction. Furthermore, the prevention of the freezing of the carburetor and other it came flying to the Japanese up in the air while operating. It was to the security of the safe operation of B29 diligently in this way.

8. Radio Operator station

Here is Radio Operator station that is located behind the engineer station. There the high sensitivity radio machine and the operation machinery are set. The center on the desk the BC348H receiver, to line up in the 3 upper part command receiver, BC-306-A antenna tuner to the left side and the tube of the left hand is an oxygen mask.
The radio equipment in that time is all the vacuum tube style analogue. It is primitive in all of what when digital era thinks now. However, it is the high-class devices group that exceed the imagination to Japanese. At that time, the latest receiver of the Japanese army was he receiver of B29 is the high-class receiver equipped with a various addition circuit with latest superheterodyne. However, the tuning of the finals tube and antenna of the transmitter are the manual operation that searches the dip point while seeing the plate ammeter. The setting of transmission frequency,reception frequency used the frequency meter (Xtal). The reception dial was set up in quest of the number of rooms that appoints it from 2 frequency of the top and bottom of purpose frequency. Therefore all the operation are a manual and the communication technician is the era of a large activity. This method continued in 30 from 20 after the war. The Japanese army collected the BC-348-H receiver from B29 that shot down and was appointing the survey to the professor of an university. As for this BC-348 receiver the ham in the world was requesting it even for more than 20 years after the war. It was as even the ham of Japan crosses the sea in quest of this junk. 9. Communication tunnnel

9. Communication tunnnel

There are 2 bomb hangars of the center inside a machine. This photograph is the one that looked up at that of the front. Communication tunnnel is passing the screen center. The rail form thing that grows downward from the both sides is the hanger of a bomb.
As for Communication tunnnel as for they, there is around of in the tunnel where connects the cabin a crew it is saying CREW TUNNEL. Therefore the movement of the crew seems to be possible.

10. The back bomb warehouse

It is the photograph that shot the bomb warehouse of the back toward the front. The hanger of the right and left is an incendiary bomb of 220 pounds (100 kg). The central path is the thing for exhibition and do not exist in the actual body.

11. 500 pounds (227 kg) usually bomb

Mainly they used it to the bombing of a military affair goal.

12. 220 pounds (100 kg) incendiary bomb

The following picture is not a incendiary bomb,
It turned out to be AN-M81 260 lb Fragmentation Bomb (M81 steel bomb explosion for anti-person killing).
Information providers are Mr. M, H, Kita in Tokyo,
Apology and correction May 13, 2017 JA2TKO,

The following picture shows the shape of the convergent incendiary bomb and the incoming bomb group in the B - 29 bomb warehouse,
For details see the last exhibit and illustration

This incendiary bomb makes each city of Japan the burned fields.
This incendiary bomb discharged 48 child incendiary bomb (Cluster bomb) in the air after the drop. And it fell in a city area like the fireworks while burning.

13. The propeller

It is right inside engine nasal. The propeller of over 5 m of diameter are a highlight.
This propeller absorbs the output of 2600rpm, 2200 horsepowers and become the propelling power of the speed 550 km/hr.

14. Wright R-3350-23 Duplex Cyclone
eighteen-cylinder air-cooled radial engines

This is the highly efficient resource of B-29.
The output is 2200hp with 1 base.
This photograph is the one that sets up the engine toward the axis and displayed. The axis of the upper part is an output shaft.

15. Diagram of Wright R-3350-23

Specification of Wright R-3350-23
Cylinder diameter 155.6 mm --- Piston stroke 160.2 mm --- Total displacement volume 54,860 cc ---Engine diameter 1, 413 mm --- Drying weight 1, 212 kg --- Gear ratio 0.35 (20:7) --- Compression ratio 6.85 --- Delivering 2200 hp/SL/28000rpm for take off --- War emergency rating of 2300 hp at 25,000 feet --- Standard output 1800hp/1400ft (4267 m)/2400rpm,
Turbochargers: Two General Electric B-11type turbosuperchargers, Gear ratio6.06:1. Fixing it to the engine each 2 base it controlled automatic it with an electron device.

In order that highly efficient is maintained with the durability of this engine they clarify the use temperature condition(Permission temperature). Specifically, temperature of the cylinder head : 260degree centigrade to/when output the takeoff --- 218degree centigrade to/70% of output continuation operation of the rating .
Lubricant temperature : 85degree centigrade at the time of continuation operation
Air temperature of the carburetor intake : Prevention of freezing as 30degree centigrade.
The engineer was able to adjust these temperature conditions easily. In this way securing the reliability of the engine highly efficient was drawn. Also, the biggest characteristic of this engine equipped the turbochargers of each 2 types to each engines of 4 base. And it is that it was able to fly the altitude of 12,000m highest. I think that this was very epoch-making for that time.

16. Main foot

This is the main foot that supports the huge forms of the gross weight of 60 tons. The photograph is a left main foot in appearance from the right rear.

17. Nasal

There is a R-3350 engine in this Nasal. The photograph is the right outside. Photograph left under is exhaust port. Furthermore exhaust port is in a right and left 2 place. The exhaust turbine supercharger that demonstrated power to a high altitude flight to, each is fixed.

18. 12.7 mm the cannons equipped
at a batter machine gun/back surface

12.7 mm of cannons equipped at a batter machine gun of the body back surfaces are observed from the rear. The swelling of the main plane and nasal harmonize remarkably. The gunner was such a special grade seat and aimed for the interception fighter of Japan of up in the air waiting and fired away. However, visibility did not work in the night operations. It is grasped with the searchlight of a Japanese corps and became a mark.

19. 12.7 mm the cannons equipped at a batter
machine gun/under face

12.7 mm of cannons equipped at a batter machine gun of the nose under faces are observed from the front. The rear is the condition where the door opened in the front and back bomb warehouse.

20. Armor

The unmagnetism armor plate is attached to protect the firearms control device with the crew. Although it is light the sufficient safety is guaranteed.

21. Communication system

Standard electron device : Command radio set / Radio set for communication /LORAN (LOng-RAnge-Navigation) system / Radio compass set / Radio wave altimeter / Marker beacon receiver / Scale landing guidance system / VHF radio device / Collaborative distinction device / Frequency meter / Intercom device / Filter device / Urgent shipwreck SOS transmitter / Autopilot device / Seamanship and bombing radar Search radar / And a various kinds antenna ,Power supply of each independent device.
They utilized such radio devices. And, it was confirmed that already the radar was installed to a captain machine.
However, that time is the radar of low resolving power yet to grasp the lay of the land in the nighttime of the Japan proper that left 2500 km. I think that look the scope and the radar operator went through hardships very much.

22. Crew positions

Crew usually be 11 people: The front of the front cabin from,
Bombardier / Pilot and copilot / Flight engineer / Navigator / Radio operator.
The front of the rear cabin from,
Starboard waist gunner / Port waist gunner / Top gunner / Radar operator / Tail gunner .

23. Forward gun and camera locations

12.7 mm the cannons equipped at a batter machine gun to the gun support of the front upper part. 12.7 mm the equipment of the cannons equipped at a batter machine gun to the gun support of the front lower part.

24. Rear gun and camera locations

12.7 mm the cannons equipped at a batter machine gun to the back upper part gun support. 12.7 mm the cannons equipped at a batter machine gun to the gun support of the right and left. 12.7 mm the cannons equipped at a batter machine gun to the tail gun support and 20 mm the machine gun and 6 cameras are equipped.

25. Fuel system

The fuel tank is installed full into the main plane. Furthermore, around of it installs it to bomb bays. In this way being full 35,000 liters of dangerous article to the gasoline tank it flew in 10 hours. I think that compare with the kerosene fuel of today's jumbo jet and was very dangerous. And, I think that it was also B29 that becomes covered with flames with the shot if an the enemy's territory. An interception battle experience person reports the interception fighter of a Japanese corps that approaches right under and this main plane challenged a gun with a shot hit 37 mm.

26. Fuel system

Divided the fuel system of B29 every the engine. It is because it considers it to reliability. The fuel is supplied with the pump of the engine drive. Fixing an electromotion pump to each tank exit as, a urgent business the movement between each tank has been enabled.

27. Cabin superchaging and heating system

Air adjustment within the cabin:
The temperature and the air pressure inside the cabin are controlled automatically. The air is supplied the 2nd 3rd engine with 2 independent systems by the centrifugal force separation style supercharger as the power resource. There are a back stage cooling machine and gasoline fuel heater in each supercharger system. It is adjusted with a certain heat regulator on the dashboard of an engineer station. As for the pressure adjustment inside the cabin, difference pressure is not linked to the above sea level of 2400 m. From 2400 m to 9100 m cabin inside was fairly controlling pressure to 0.74atm to 2400 m.

28. Oxygen system

Cabin inside installs 16 oxygen cylinder the crew so that be able to go on with a battle with an oxygen mask at the time of a shot hit. Sufficient oxygen is able to be supplied to crew everyone for 4 hours with the above sea level of 25,000 feet (7620 m). Also, the flight in 4 hours are equal in the flying hours from a Japan proper to Tenian air base.

29. Propeller Anti-icer flow diagram

The antifreeze solution is poured along the front of each blade to prevent that the ice is stuck on the propeller blade. The supply of this antifreeze solution is carried out through the nozzle that was attached to the root of each blade of the propeller.

30. Crew ditching position

To, alighting to a bomb, alighting the fuel, small arm, ammunition, camera without necessity and besides the crew equips be discarded and discard it all. With the possess gun all the bombing sights and other secret devices destroy it. A crew must be prepared for and must be stay 6 day at the sea at a lifesaving raft at least after embarkation. And, the medical treatment equipment, quite a lot unstaple food box, drinking water goods were fixed to the procedure lifesaving raft(It swells out automatically with the discharge 5 people a ride lifeboat 4 boat) of alighting to the B29 operation manual, with a zipper and the others. I think that the consideration of possibility was done like this. Furthermore, as for the US air army commander in that time, the army of Japan is unhumanitarian. He is said to have instructed to alight on the water from land to the sea and choose the prisoner of war of the Japanese navy.

Editor comment

I say that you were visited the B29 photograph museum today a gratitude sincerely. Did you ask to understand the design principle of B29 through this photograph? The design development that even wartime under respected the life of the crew was carried out.

The understanding of B29 is the precious information that knows the technology power of U.S. in that time. The design principle thinks the information that is useful also in the present. The hand that the interception fighter of Japan in that time becomes minus 20 or less degree C under ultrahigh altitude and hold an operation lever was frozen.

The fighter of Japan goes up in flames as soon as the shot hits the tank of the wing with the machine gun of B29. Therefore it said to have been called the cigarette lighter defense party. And, it is the such situation that does not change with that time when 55 years later see the present condition of Japan that is said to be an economic power now.

There are many problems also in present Japan. It is poverty politics, self-protection bureaucracy, financial influence society, Nearsightedness principle, enterprise death, restructuring death, bullying society, home collapse, human life slight. These problems think so as not to change essentially to not choose means for conceit and, purpose of the government agency under the war.

I visited the crash location of B29 in quest of a juvenile recollection. And, I meet again with B29 and editing this B29 photograph museum you saw it to all of you. And, I think B29 the heritage of negative of the world in the 20th century. Even Japan there is 50% or more of responsibility heritage B29 of this negative, to that U.S. made 3943 machine. It is while at present is restored 1 B29 for exhibition in Korea in my survey.

I hope that the Japanese Government builds the world heritage B29 museum. Also, requesting it to the benevolent person I would like you to purchase 1 B29. I think that it is good that I display the B29 in the former site of the leisure land or aviation museum or Aichi world fair of Japan. I might think that if that disgusting B29 is what now. Stops there being the person who thinks the 21st century like that. If it is now it is limit and good enough.

Japanese will disappear sincerely even the Pacific War with B29, soon if it does not do it like that. I am hoping the 21st century without a war. How are you thinking all of you who visited this museum? How are you thinking all of you who visited this museum?

This museum edited it in reference to the following B29 relation HomePage and B29 relation documents. Furthermore please see the one who wants to know the information of B29 relation these.

B29 relation documents

1.B29 shooting down description---B29 shooting down king of nighttime fighter TORYU
The author: KASHIWADE ISAMU /Air battle record
KOUJINNSYA company NF (a nonfiction) a library, 1,998.7.12 issuance
Outline : It is the documents of the ISAMU KASHIWADE lieutenant that became a shooting down king with the B29 interception battle by twin engine fighter TORYU in the 4th flight regiment. It is the night operations interception secret story that shot down B29 26 machine between the end of the war, from the first time Japan proper bombing of B29.
2.B29 crash ---Japanese who saved the American soldier
The author: HIDESABUROU KUSAMA /The crash event follow-up
SOURONN company 1,999.7.30 issuance
Outline : On March 10, 1945 it was shot down the way home of the Tokyo large air raid in midnight. It is the documents that studied the detailed survey and real internationalization, international understanding including Japan and America period of B29 that crashed to Ibaraki Pref. Tsukuba-gun (Present Ina-Town).
3.B-29 operation manual
Editing person : American army air fleet. Translator : AKIKO NAKAMURA and HIROSHI ONO. Supervision: MASAHIRO NODA.
KOUJINN company 1,999.7.30 issuance
Outline: It is the translation, illustration photograph collections of the practice manual for a B29 U. S. armed forces pilot.
4.Famous airplanes of the world. BOEING B-29, NO52-1995-5.

B29 production number and exhibition museum information

I offer the following information, for the one who wants to confirm B29 with the eye of the self. Because actually even I have not seen the real machine of B29 yet checking a B29 exhibition museum to the reference I saw HP of Superfortress. At present it is American domestically, 20 place, such as the air force museum of every place, Furthermore it likely to be displayed in 22 place of total of 1 place of Korea Seoul 1 place, England.

To soon of these museum it goes out and please visit by all means at the time of, that.
However, as for 1998 of exhibition of Enola Gay of 9. the aerospace Smithsonian Museum is during closing more. The reason restores Enola Gay furthermore. It is to cause displayed from the new opening in the museum of more new Dulles Center, in 2003.

1.Serial NO 42-56281 Martin-Omaha B-29-25-MO Superfortress
Miss America '62 at Travis AFB Museum, CA.
2.Serial NO 42-65281 Martin-Omaha B-29-35-MO Superfortress
Bock's Car -- tha Nagasaki bomber, now on display at WPAFB Museum,OH

3.Serial NO 42-69729 Boeing B-29-60-BW Superfortress
No Display at Seattle Museum of Flight,WA.
4.Serial NO 44-69972 boeing B-29-70-BW Superfortress
Stored on reng at Naval Air Warfare Center, China Lake CA, Moved to United States Air Museum, Inyokern, CA and is under restoration

5.Serial NO 44-70016 boeing B-29-75-BW Superfortress
At Pima Museum, Tusson, AZ .
6.Serial NO 44-70064 Boeing B-29-75-BW Superfortress
On display at Castle AFB Museum, plane is actually made up of three derelict targets from China Lake CA.

7.Serial NO 44-70113 Boeing B-29-75-BW Superfortress
At Florens Space Museum,SC, now at Dobbins AFB GA.
8.Serial NO 44-84076 Bell Atlanta B-29-60-BA Superfortress
On display at SAC Museum, Offutt AFB, NE

9.Serial NO 44-86292 Martin-Omaha B-29-45-MO Superfortress
Enola Gay, which dropped atomic bomb on Hirosima, Now on display at Smithsonian Museum. The Enola Gay exhibition at the National Air and Space Museum closed on May 18, 1998.  This web page provides images and highlights from that exhibition.  The "Enola Gay" aircraft will eventually be completely assembled and displayed at the Museum's new Dulles Center, scheduled to open in 2003.
10.Serial NO 44-86408 Martin-Omaha B-29-45-MO Superfortress
Used to collect radioactiv samples during postwar atomic test, now on display at Hill AFB Museum.

11.Serial NO 44-87779 Boeing B-29-90-BW Superfortress
At South Dakota Air and Space Museum, Ellswors AFB.
12.Serial NO 45-21739 Boeing B-29-90-BW Superfortress
On display at Sachon Korea.
The following are the information from ham DS1DHU of Seoul Korea.
It became clear that B-29 that displayed in the Yoido plaza with his survey is reconstructed. This B-29 is displayed from Aug 2002 with Aerospace Museum of Korea Sachon. I visited the Museam in Oct 2002.
Aerospace Museum: ‡„NO: 001-82-55-851-1448

13.Serial NO 45-21748 Boeing B-29-97-BW Superfortress
At Chanut AFB Museum, IL marked as 45-1749, I have a reference which indicates that this plane is now on at the Sandia National Atomic Museum, Can anyone confirm ?
14.Serial NO 45-21787 Boeing B-29-97-BW Superfortress
Now with Weeks Air Museum, miami,FL.

15.Serial NO 44-61535 Boeing B-29A-35-BN Superfortress
On display at Castle AFB Museum, CA.
16.Serial NO 44-61739 Boeing B-29A-45-BN Superfortress
Nose on display at Robins AFB GA.

17.Serial NO 44-61748 Boeing B-29A-45-BN Superfortress
On display at American Air Museum. Duxford, UK.
18.Serial NO 44-61975 Boeing B-29A-55-BN Superfortress
At New England Air Museum, Bredley Apt,CT.

19.Serial NO 44-62022 Boeing B-29A-60-BN Superfortress
At Puelbo Wesbrord Aircraft Museum, CO.
20.Serial NO 44-62139 Boeing B-29A-65-BN Superfortress
Fuselage at Wright Patterson AFB Museum, OH.

21.Serial NO 44-62220 Boeing B-29A-70-BN Superfortress
On display at Kelly AFB Museum, TX.
22.Serial NO 44-84053Bell Atlanta B-29B-55-BA Superfortress
On display at Museum of Aviation, Warner Robins AFB.

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