*** The 60th & 70th end of the war anniversary ***
"Recollection of B-29"
Chapter 5: The Leading Lady (Sequel B-29) New/Jun 28. 2016

B-29: Heavy bomber of an U.S. air force
(The 2nd world war)

Crash point: Sakaue-Town Toyota-City Aichi-Pref Japan
(Old address: Sodame Matsudaira Village)

1.Outline of opening to the public

The investigation result of The Leading Lady is opened to the public and 5 years have passed. And, Information afterwards on The Leading Lady is disclosed in commemoration of the 60th end of the war anniversary of 2005.
The content. The crew's introduction by The Leading Lady souvenir picture. The bereaved family and American's desires At that time, it introduces B29 gunner John Ciardi (He is a poet of note in the United States) who kept writing the war diary in Saipan.

2.The crew's introduction

This souvenir picture was taken of a picture at Dec ends. 1944. It is before several days being shot down of the day. The Offer in the picture is Mr. Kenneth Fine, and it is a son of the 2nd Lt Kenneth F Fine of an original crew of Leading Lady. His father started in all the duties of Leading Lady before Jan 3.1945. And, 35 bombing flight was finished and the war was got over. It is a picture that the father valued.

It introduces the crew. An original member of crew (#201) of Leading Lady is shown. It sequentially explains the crew from the left to the right. iRed is Jan 3.1945 crew. Mr. Kenneth Fine investigation of name)

1.Sgt.Harold T.Hedges Tail Gunner (POW) the only survivor on the Jan 3.1945 flight
2.Sgt.Frank J.Yanik Gunner
3.Sgt.Edwin D.(Levin)Lawson CFC Gunner, not on the flight of Jan 3.1945. He is now known as Edwin D.Lawson. Sgt.Lowson is the only living person in this photograph as of March 5,2005. He becam a professor of phycholigy. Awarded the Purple Heart , Distinguished Flying Cross and the Air Medal with oak leaf clusters.
4.Sgt.Paul E.Dreyer Radar operator
5.Sgt.Joseph P.Nighan Radio operator
6.Sgt. Karl Hunt Gunner
7.1Lt.Glenn C.Truesdell Flight Engineer
8.1Lt.Glendon M.Aitken Bombardier
9.2nd Lt.Kenneth F Fine Navigator, not on the flight of Jan 3.1945. Lt.Kenneth F Fine survied the war,completed 35 missions and was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross and the Air Medal with 4 oak clusters.
10.1Lt.Felix P Omilian Co-Pilot
11.Maj.Wilbur E.Hurlbutt Pilot

Not shown in this picture are;
*.1Lt. Edward H. Stoehr Navigator, who flew with the crew of the Leading Lady for the first time on Jan. 3, 1945. He replaced 2Lt. Fine
*. Cpl. Richard P. Steinberg, Gunner, who also flew with this crew for the first time on Jan. 3, 1945. He replaced Sgt. Levin ( Lawson) who had beenwounded in an air raid on Jan. 2, 1945
*.Lt. Col. Marcus A. Mullen, Group Operations Officer who was onboard the aircraft as an observer on Jan. 3, 1945.

This souvenir picture is not certain that the aircraft is The Leading Lady. This picture may have been taken in Kansas while the crew was still training and prior to their arrival on Saipan. If so, then this aircraft is not the Leading Lady. This crew flew aircraft 42-63429 from the USA to Saipan. That airplane was the Pacific Queen and she flew 50 missions. The airplane behind the crew is most likely 42-63429. I will find out for certain if the aircraft in the picture is the Pacific Queen or the Leading Lady.

The crew is the same as the picture above.
Picture of the crew of the "Leading Lady" taken sometime in 1944.
iRed is Jan 3.1945 crew. Mr. Kenneth Fine investigation of name) Front row ( from left to right)
* Sgt. Paul E. Dreyer - Radar
*Sgt. Edwin D. Levin (Lawson) who was not on the Jan. 3, 1945 flight.
*Sgt. Karl Hunt - Gunner
*Sgt.Joseph P. Nighan - Radio
*Sgt. Harold T.Hedges - Tail Gunner (POW)
*Sgt. Frank J. Yanik - Gunner

Back row ( from left to right);
*1Lt. Felix P. Omilian - Co- Pilot
*1Lt. Glendon M. Aitken - Bombardier
*Maj. Wilbur E. Hurlbutt - Pilot
*2Lt. Kenneth F Fine - Navigator who was not on the Jan 3, 1945 flight.
*1Lt. Glenn C. Truesdell - Flight Engineer

Not shown are three other members of the crew which flew on Jan 3, 1945.
1Lt. Edward H. Stoehr - Navigator
Cpl. Richard P. Steinberg - Gunner
Lt. Col. Marcus A. Mullen - Group Operations Officer (observer).

It introduces 3 soldiers of the misfortune.
(Offer of neither of photo from Mr. Kenneth Fine)

In the Saipan air raid of Jan 2. 1945 Japanese armies, injured person. The crew of next day's Leading Lady changed places into the Cpl. Richard P.Steinberg (Right) instead of injured person's gunner Sgt. Edwin D.(Levin)Lawson.

The 2Lt.Kenneth F Fine of the navigator changed with the 1Lt.Edward H.Stoehr (Left) why. Suddenly, the navigator changed with the gunner.

It is watching of the Lt Col.Murcus A.Mullen (Right)commander's boarding there.

The commander joined narrow inside the plane. Moreover, the Maj.Wilbur E.Hurlbutt machine is a Leader machine of seven formation. The instruction such as the bomb dropping to the following machine is also necessary. It seems that 4 gunners' defenses finally became undermanned, too.

The defense of B29 to a Japanese fighter is perfect. An electronic machine gun of two ream type takes a stance back and forth,up and down,right and left. If they were for aim always, It is possible to make it to cannot the flight of the fighter of Japan that approaches by the solo flight and is attacked beforehand.

B29 gunner John Ciardi who became a poet afterwards, and had done both lives in the same prefab barracks as them said. It talks about "Saipan: The War Diary of John Ciardi" issued after he dies. To consider the life and the death in the war to be gambling and a fate, he led.

3.Bereaved family's desire (Email information)

For the B29 Website visitor, Japan and U.S. is most. And, I while receiving information on B29 with email. While recollecting the tragedy of 2nd World War ..not forgetting still.. I keep turning Sodame B29 information to the world and sending it. The person of The Leading Lady related to the bereaved family visits B29 Website in that, and it is the following three people to transmit email directly to me.

1. Mr. Russ Hurlbutt of nephew of Maj. Wilbur E.Hurlbutt
Jan 21.2003 3F03 Subject: "B-29 crash Jan 3/45"

Hi, My Name is Russ Hurlbutt fron Rockwall Texas. The Survivor of the Crash was Tail Gunner Walter T Hedges of Okahoma City Oklahoma. I am now researching his location, or if he is still alive. He was last known to be living in Oklahoma in the 60's. I have enlisted the assistance in the search with a private investigator who has found 5 other persons for me.

The commander of the ship was my uncle Barney Hurlbutt. Thanks for all Your information on the web site., as some of the info was unknown to me and his children. Do not have your name or telephone # Look forward to hearing from you, In the short term future would like to meet you and visit the site shown on your web site. Thanks for your help.


I am judging that the desire of my B29 was transmitted from this mail to the descendant of Major Wilbur E.Hurlbutt. and, I want to make it to keeping email in the future with him.

2. Mr Marc Mullen of son of Lt.Col. Murcus A.Mullen
May 22.2004. 7:43 no subject

Dear Sir I have just read your website on the" Recollection of B-29". It is with great interest that I am writing you because my father was on that plane, Z square 22, which crashed on Jan.3rd. 1945. His name, Lt.Col. Marcus A.Mullen.

I would like very much to exchange information with you. Until this date I had no idea that the information you have written about even existed. I am very grateful to you and your family for what you have done. Please let me know if this e-mail has reached the right person. I am very excited about learning the fate of my father whom I never met. Thank you!!!!

Marc Mullen. California U.S.A.

I was moved very much because this email was received and my feelings were transmitted to the bereaved family, too. Anyway, it is a son of the commander of the U.S. Air Force. Immediately, feelings here were courteously conveyed.

March 22.2005 8F33 Subject: "Lt.Col. Murcus A.Mullen"

Mr Kunio Okada I received your e-mail today and I am very happy to hear from you! I want you to know that I have not forgotten you but there have been some big changes in my life lately. First, I am getting ready to retire from my job after 26 years and second, my wife and I bought a house on an island 100 miles north of Seattle, Wash. and plan to retire there in about 3 months. It is not far from the Boeing aircraft plant where my fathers B-29 was made. We are very busy packing and getting ready to move.

I am giving the idea of visiting Japan some serious thought, the main reason being to visit with you and see the Shrine where the plane crashed. Would this plan be possible with you? Once we get moved I'll start looking into what I'll have to do to make the tri! p. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards, Marc Mullen

P.S. Would you like a picture of my father to put in your museum? If so, please send me an address to send to. It would give me great pleasure to do this.

And, it is remail from me. In the visit of bereaved family's Sodame B29, the villager and I are very welcomes. I told that your visit was waited for sincerely.

3. 2nd Lt.Kenneth F Fine's son Mr.Kenneth Fine
Feb 24. 2005. 5:28 Subject: "Sodame B29 Crash"

Okada-san, My name is Ken Fine and my father was originally a member of the crew of the Sodame B-29. He had flown all of the airplane's previous missions with Major W.E. Hurlbutt. My father was replaced by 1st Lt Edward H. Stoehr as the navigator on 3 Jan 1945. One other origional crew member, Sgt E. Levin, the CFC Gunner, was also replaced on 3 Jan 1945 by Cpl Richard P. Steinberg. The passenger, Lt Col Marcus Mullen did not fly on any of the previous misssions of Maj Hurlbutt.

I have enjoyed your web site and was able to uncover the answers to many of my questions. By the way, my father survived the war after completeing 35 missions over Japan.

I was wondering if you could tell me where you obtained the List of the crew names of the Sodame B-29 crash crew? I noticed it had not only the names, but also the positions, ranks, serial numbers and status of the crew. I would very much like to find the origional source of this information. Your help would be so appreciated.

Additionally, I have a picture of almost all of the crew members of the Sodame B-29 crew. Would you be interested in a copy of it? Please let me know.

I worked in Japan from August 1988 until November 2000. I worked with Yamato Transport Co at the Narita Airport in Chiba. I wish that I had know of you then because I would have visited the Sodame crash site and would have enjoyed meeting you. I look foward to hearing from you.

Sincerely, Ken Fine Mo 64015 USA

I felt the mystery of the fate strongly because I read this mail. And, his father's luck was congratulated, and it asked for the offer of the picture. The picture is The Leading Lady souvenir picture.

However, he against father's safety and the desire to those who alternatively who scapegoated with father's comrade-in-arms has exchanged information with the bereaved family of Sodame crash B29. Now at the time of passed 60 years, and, information on my Website seems to be also useful.

Bereaved family's desire and my desire
My Website seems to have been enough for the bereaved family to revive the previous event longer than half a century.

On the other hand, I worry whether there was impoliteness in the expression of website. However, Information on my Sodame B29 is transmitted to many of people in the United States related to B29. And, it is thought that it transmitted to the bereaved family.

I think that it visits the locale of Sodema B29 bereaved family's desire is a day in what time, and holds a funeral for father and comrade-in-arms's souls. This desire is human race's property. and, I believe that I become a link connected with the global peace.

The bereaved family's reunion, Apr 2006
It is news of The Leading Lady bereaved family association from Mr.Kenneth Fine. The comrade-in-arms association of 73Bonberdment Wing was held from Apr 3 2006 to Apr 6 in Menhis city of Tennessee state.
The group photo of the person who gathers in the meeting related to The Leading Lady bereaved family association is opened to the public.

From the left of the photo
1.Paulette Webster-daughter of Radar Operator Sgt. Paul E. Dreyer.
2.Mrs.Geneva(Dreyer)Hamilton-widow of Sgt. Paul E. Dreyer.
3.Russ Hurlbutt-nephew of A/C Maj. Willbuer E. "Barney" Hurlbutt.
4.Ed(Levin)Lowson-original CFC Gunner and not on Jan3.1945 flight.
5.Jim Farrell-retired Lt.Col(USAF) who was the A/C on his on his fiest mission, later was A/C of the Frisco Nannie.
6.Kenneth Fine-son of 2nd Lt.Kenneth F Fine Navigator, not on the flight of Jan 3.1945.
7.Mandy Cohen-daughter of Jim Farrell.

They are the boarding members before 1945.1.3 and the family with the bereaved family of The Leading Lady. Bonds of The Leading Lady as the common destiny are eternal though years of 61 years passed.

Mark Styling of the aviation illustrator in Britain produces the illustration of The Leading Lady that they have, and, it is a board of the commemoration that Mr. Kenneth Fine is obtained and brought.

4.American's desire (Email information)

There are many people in the United States related to B29. The bonds are known by Website "The B-29 Superfortress Then and Now "of the B29 comrade-in-arms association. OB of a lot of B29 had gathered from the whole country up to now on Guam and a Saipan island and the comrade-in-arms association was held.

However, the person who prepares it and the participating person are aged. They had told that last autumn's rally became it at the end.
Japan is also the same. The organization paper of the comrade-in-arms association seems to have thinned every year, too. I will pass on the letter from the United States of such time.

1. Ms. Neysa McNeley Picklum
Jan 19.2003 13F08 Subject: "Peace between us"

Hap Halloran told me of your web site. I was glad to read it. I am the sister of one of the B29 men who was captured after the Kobe raid on June 5, 1945. He was in the Kempei Tai prison at Osaka and was executed in August before the war ended.

It was a terrible time for your people and a terrible. war for all of us, for the entrie world. I am glad that Americans and Japanese can now be friends. Several Japanese people have helped me to learn about what happened to my brother's B-29 crew. I am grateful for their help.

Neysa McNeley Picklum Sister of T/Sgt. David F. McNeley

I sent remail that wished her younger brother's to be a long life of Ms. Neysa. And, the operation of the personal computer was heard how to have learnt it from her.

It is remail from her.
Thank you for the kind words about my brother.
Many older people use E-mail in the United States because they can use it at libraries and senior activity centers. Most of my friends who use E-mail are retired from teaching. Because they used it at their schools they continue to use it after they retire.


I thought, a japanese senior should also use personal compute !

2. Mr. Katie
Feb 14. 2003.2 6:52 Subject: "B29"
Sir, I commend you on your site. Your pictures are excellent and your command of the English language is very good. My father enlisted in the Air Force the day after Pearl Harbor was bombed by your country. He was a flight engineer on the b29. His planes were first, The 3 Feathers, and second, The L'il Abner. He flew 35 missions over Japan.

While we are not ever happy with the results of mans' war, I am at the same time, very proud of my father and the bravery of himself and the good men with whom he served. As America faces yet another war, my thoughts turn to WWII and the disappointment he feels that this was not the war to end all wars.

My neighbor is half Japanese. His father was a GI, his mother came from Nagasaki. We have both studied the war and it seems that my father was on a B29 that bombed his mother's home, causing her to go to live in the hills while the war continued. Times are I care for his small son and daughter. They are much at home in my house, and I look often at their innocent sleeping faces., I thank God for them and for my brave Father and their dear Grandmother, who is also my friend.

Please continue to do what you can to further the efforts for world peace. For without understanding of all people, this can not ever come to be.

Respectfully, Katie

Feb 17. 2003 6:29"Re:B29"
Dear Kunio,
Thank you for your kind and wise message. It is a wonder to me that you and I may speak thus. I most appreciate that you realize that Father's only wish was for peace, and remains so today.

We are much opposed to the war on Iraq. I am not a supporter of President Bush. I believe that Father and many, many others fought so that we would have the right to oppose our government as well as support it, each person to make up their own mind. It seems at this time that it is out of our hands, but we do not cease the opposition to the war.

Respectfully, Katie

3. Mr. Hisanaga (Second generation Japanese-American?)
2005.1.15 1:00 Subject: "We hate B29"

American government spent a great amount money on the B29. someone said it was useful to be helped America. Because of the B29, America could defeated enemy Japan. It could help the many Americanfs lives. On the other hand, many Japanese were killed by this airplane. It is not only solders but also innocent children. At the time of WWUC my mother was a child. She was nearly killed. Her parents were killed by B29. They were not soldiers.

Of course B29's pilot didnft killed them intentionally. They didnft have any option to kill Japanese. Anyway, we should not justify this B29. We should pity for the victims and their bereaved family. We should think how to stop any war, how to reduce any weapon. There is not any weapon to be justified.

American and my desire
The sender of Mail respects father who is related to B29 with WW U. The United States at that time is a war for the democracy of the justice, and it fills with father's courage. However, the war ended, and doesn't want never to fight and wishes the global peace of they by this under the skin.

I think that I need not also make the United States justify the operation of the bombing in a Japanese mainland of B29. However, it is true that it was a maximum level tragedy that the human race caused. I think that there was a problem in treating to Japan and U.S. that was not able to prevent such a foolish act beforehand. Arrogance in the United States is anxious in the 21st century. Japan that follows is anxious, too.

The generation which has not experienced war in which the war is not experienced is a center in the 21st century. I tell them B29, visit this Website, and I am wishing to become energy of the global peace.

5.Introduction of American's poet John Ciardi

I met Mr. Kenneth Fine through The Leading Lady this time. He asked me whether to know the United States "Poet John Ciardi".
He was very an amusing fellow according to the comment(Note 1) on mail and Edwin D Lawson of Kenneth Fine. He belongs to the same 882 flight squadrons(Note 2), and says that his crew completely Leading Lady.

Ciardi lived in the same Quonset hut as Sgt.Levin(Lawson), Hedges, Yanik, Dreyer, and Hunt and Nighan in Saipan. Then, he kept the diary from Nov 5.1944 to March 10.1945. This diary is edited when postmortem of him. It was published as Saipan: The War Diary of John Ciardi by University of Arkansas Press, Fayettavill, and Ar & London in 1988.
Many of the descriptions are own of done fight and Ciardi inside fights. He had written the book on 40 poetrys again before the life. Two of them treats Saipan.

I judged that the diary of Ciardi accurately described a full detail of a situation at that time from their information. Because he made a sortie to the air raid of Jan 3.1945 in Nagoya by the same seven formation as The Leading Lady. The description is said writing as if he was inside the plane. The following machine of The Leading Lady has Ciardi. And, it seems that the fighter of Japan had him from the field emplacement of B29 for the aim of Machine gun. It is said that the fighter of Japan doesn't bring it close if the machine gun in the post is checked, and the nose is put up to the field emplacement.

It was convinced I was to read "Saipan: The War Diary of John Ciardi" by the truth of Jan 3.1945 The Leading Lady.

Then, When I click the foreign book of wamazon.co.jpx of Online mail order.

"Amazon.co.jp" will deliver the book in three-five weeks by an English original. I ordered immediately.

Note 1: Ciardi and Chance: Comments on Sipan: War Diary of John Ciardi/Edwin D.Lawson/Psychology is honored.
Note 2: 21BC/73BW/500BG/882ar(Seven formation of Maj.Hurlbutt pilot)

6. Revive ! "The Leading Lady"

The Leading Lady was shot down to the forest of Sodame, WW U ended, and years of 60 years passed. My B-29 Recollection also passed under the time tunnel of 60 years.

"Sodame B-29" is opened to the public with Website, and five years have passed. Mail that I had received from Japan-U.S. reached many hundreds of. I wish to express my gratitude to you of the website visit and a lot of giving information people.

I got email from the bereaved family of The Leading Lady. The photograph of the crew who had scattered to Sodame was able to be opened to the public. 11 dying crew were able also to leave for the journey course of IT. Please look at the world where 60 years pass minutely. And, please point out the problem. I want to make this year of the 60th end of the war anniversary year when The Leading Lady revives.

Parties concerned including the bereaved family of The Leading Lady of the United States also draw a hot desire. I learnt the event of "Sodame B-29". Such a sad event reaches even 400 or more even if it is B-29 called a superfortress.

On the other hand, the people in Japan at that time were put by a defenseless ship, and became targets of the torpedo of the U.S. Navy. A little survivor becomes a leader, and it searches for comrade-in-arms's remains in The Pacific Ocean now. WW U ended, and the B-29 crew expected that the war never occurred. However, B-29 was greatly taken an active part in the Korean War after the six years. And, 23.000 total made a sortie. And, the bomb of the weight that equaled a bombing in a Japanese mainland was dropped. It is said that two million person Korean peninsula was sacrificed.

Finally, it is asking to you who visit. It is thought that can it learn to the tragedy of B-29, the peace of the world be wished to become the weaponless earth and the earth where the war doesn't occur, and it act. I think that it will hold a funeral for the soul of 11 people to which it scatters by "Sodame", and The Leading Lady will revive.

7. "The Leading Lady" crew's grave marker

May 27.2008 I received mail from Mr. Jeff Danby of United States Ohio state living.
He says that he will send the photograph of the grave marker of which it took a picture with Zachary Taylor National Cemetary of Louisville Kentucky on May 11, 2008.

It is said that the reason was anxious about the grave near the grave of the grandfather who was killed at Aug 27.1944 in the south French front of the U.S. army panzer (Tank Battalion), examines, and knew your Site.

I respectfully publish the photograph of "The Leading Lady" crew's grave marker. Name, class, and killed day JANUARY 3.1945 of 11 people at the time of which it was killed are carved for the grave marker.

"Introduction of Mr. Jeff Danby"
It introduces Website that he is editing.
Revering.. was written to the grandfather.
"Day of the Panzer"

The grandfather went to the front.
"The 756th Tank Battalion"

8.Further news of Harold T Hedges sole survivor of The Leading Lady (Email from granddaughter)

Apr 14.2012, Email of "My grandfather was Harold T Hedges" granddaughter was coming from.
12 Years of the year had passed since the public the B-29 Website.
In the meantime, information about him,
According to the information Ray 'Hap' Halloran (Died Jun 2011) on Jun 2002,

1) Omori POW camp was in with him until the end of the war.
2)Were alive in Oklahoma until 1964.
Was limited to these information.

Introduction of email from granddaughter

1)1st mail (Apr 14,2012.)
My grandfather was Harold T Hedges. I read on the page that the survivor was Harold T Hedges.
In died in November 1979(56-year-old) from cancer in a texas cancer hospital.
He had 2 children with his first wife and 2 children with his second wife.
My father was his first born with Harold's second wife.
He owned his own food brokerage company before he died.

2)2nd mail (Apr 15,2012.)
I would rather the information stand correct on the website.
I did not include names so if you would like to update the site I give permission.
I found the site by accident after I found out the name of his plane.
I feel closer to him with every piece of information I find.
I was born in 86 so I didn't get to know him any other way.
I just hear stories. Some of them offen me like on his tombstone my grandmother placed his birth year 20 later than when he was born because she was big on appearances.

3)3rd mail (Apr 19 2012)
I only live here temporarily.
my pictures are in OKla storage and no one can get to them.
Everybody knows I am in Germany but they also know I'll be home soon since my husband who is active duty army will be stationed somewhere in the states soon.
I'm find a picture I can send but it will have to wait. I'm not going to have my storage disorganized

9,Introduction of "The Leading Lady" another one of the survivors Edwin D.Lawson (Levin) @( 70th anniversary of the end of World War II Memorial)

The Leading Lady "original crew and was the Edwin D. Lawson of CFC gunner, Sergeant is, the Japanese army of surprise bombing of Saipan airfield that divided the life and death of the (2 Jan.1945) incident, he managed HP 500th Bomb Group B-29 Memorial of diary "Day by Day-Combat" and to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the end of World war II will introduce.

At the end of the war 70 anniversary B29 Wings of Marianas Reunion, please refer to the commemorative photo of everyone who participated in the Washinton, DC.

Front row far right is the Edwin D. Lawson 92-year-old /May 2016. He is between until the end of the war, was sortie in total 29 times B-29, After his discharge is to contribute to the education becomes a professor of returning to school and psychology, State University of New York professor emeritus now also, and his later years, as veterans, to award the social contribution was recognized various Lifetime Achievement Award as an educator, He is currently a social contribution, such as managing the HP of the veterans of the B-29 500BG.

This photo is a veteran of everyone who survived finished the mission of Japan sortie from the Mariana Islands as a crew of B-29 to 70 years ago.

Their victorious nation also, there was a Japanese sortie 30 times of the obligation. They are frightened to fear of death to the time of the sortie, they had reached the end of the war is eagerly praying safely survived.

From this photo, please imagine their end of the war 70 anniversary of thought. They, when they reached the end of the war, with delight and ended the war anymore in this Homecoming was, but then the Korean War and the very that was disappointed the Vietnam war.

In particular, "The Leading Lady" Edwin D.Lawson which was the original crew of, think of to pass away fellow will never disappear. Crew of the B-29 is said to be "Same boat", their bond is forever.

I to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II, to introduce him to this page, I wanted to convey his thoughts to the war dead.

Next, I will introduce a newspaper article in the special issue "After the war 70 years air raid" Feb 25,2015 of the Yomiuri Shimbun.

This article will be posted because it is written is think of the war and fellow Edwin D.Lawson. I'm sorry in Japanese of the article.

In addition, this article I will introduce him to the reporters, it will be posted at the end so was published in the morning edition of Feb 25,2015.

Photo SourceFHP 500th Bomb Group B-29@Memorial >,
HP administrator Edwin D Lowson & photo providers Sandra Ann Gillard authorized,

As he was described in Section 2 crew introduction, He is, "The Leading Lady" has become a mission of runway guard on the eve of that sortie from Saipan to Nagoya air raid. Debris of the bomb in the Japanese Army of surprise bombing becomes hospital feed for penetrating the left ankle, successor, it became the Richard P.Steinberg corporal (gunner).

Please read a copy of the Edwin D.Lawson it is "divided the life and death 2 Jan 1945 diary" Day by Day-Combat ".

B-29 crew Edwin D, Lawson Yomiuri Shimbun (Newspaper) debut

Information : Feb 25.2015 Yomiuri morning edition nationwide version of the "Post-war 70 years air raid" than feature article,

It referred to a description of his this article.

Edwin Lawson of the State University of New York Professor Emeritus of the United States, at the age of 21, boarded the B-29 as a gunner of machine gun

Sortie before, Life of a fellow from his superiors in Pearl Harbor and the Philippines have been deprived. Execution of the mission was told that it can defend the country and family.

And sortie 29 times Yokohama,Kobe and Fukuoka such as the air raid, The sky went black even in daytime in black smoke rising, but had never doubts.

However, after the retirement in 1989, it became the various think so and proceed with the investigation and leave to record that fellow crashed during operations.

To each other, what a lot of sacrifice as it was needed? I ask myself is continuing.

This article, progress in coverage for which I have informed the email address of Edwin to newspaper reporter,

Feb 25.2015 Yomiuri Shimbun (newspaper) copy

Editor's Note:
While editing this article, G7 summit was held in Japan of Ise Shima. Obama President of the United States in the afternoon of the end date Hiroshima Peace Park was visited.

And, While his term is approaching and after eight months, toured the Atomic Bomb Museum and (about 10 minutes), he laid flowers to the cenotaph for A-bomb victims.

And, He mourn the victims, there is no threat of nuclear disarmament and nuclear, He was anxious to future free of nuclear weapons humanity.
This news was flowing in the world. That lead to a world without nuclear weapons, crave along with the visit of everybody and the B-29 veteran.

Kunio Okada May 27.2016

10.Message from Edwin's, To the Z-22, (Posted the full text of the message)

@@ ( Jun 2016 I received a valuable message from Mr Edwin D Lawson.
Please read the thoughts of his peace by all means )

-----It is over 70 years since the end of WWII. Kunio Okada has devoted a great deal of time and skill to describing the role of the B-29 during World Two. He has prepared several websites that are in Japanese and English that describe the crew of Z Square 22 and what happened on January 3, 1945 near Toyota. Among many other contributions, he shows the shrine erected for the crew members. His sites are sympathetic and non-judgmental.

-----Now, he has invited me to write something to the bereaved families of Z Square 22, the aircraft that went down over Nagoya on January 3, 1945. I have suffered from survivor syndrome since that date. Almost every day, I think of the crew that I trained with for so many months, that was lost. After the war, when I returned home, one of first things I did was to visit six of the families to offer my condolences.

-----About ten years ago, I learned about the World War II Memorial in Washington. I immediately looked for the names of the men on Z Square 22. The National Archives are linked to the World War II Memorial. I also looked there. Much to my chagrin, I found a few of the men were listed in both places, as they should have been, but some were in one and not in the other. There was one, at least, that was on neither.

-----I contacted the people with the WWII Memorial add the proper entries. I had limited success, very limited. The National Archives staff was also of little help. From fellow veterans, I learned that there were many other men who were not listed. Perhaps, much of the incomplete records situation is due to the disastrous fire in St. Louis in 1973 where most WWII Servicemenfsf records were destroyed. Or, was it bureaucracy?

-----Working with Donald Thurow, a fellow veteran from the 882nd and two sons of veterans of our squadron, James Bowman and Kenneth E. Fine, we formed the 500th Bomb Group Memorial Association to remember the fallen. We began building a data bank. That data bank became a website that gave much detail on all the men of our original bomb group. The website features the Honor Roll, citations for medals, crew photos (air crew, ground crew, and others) as well as many other photos. Another project of the Associaton was to add the names of all members of the 500th who went down included in the World War II Memorial.

-----What lessons can be learned from World War II and the terrible losses on both sides? Our sons and daughters, and their sons and daughters, must learn more about the causes of war and how to prevent them. But is that enough? I would say no. I would say that it is necessary as citizens to be active and vigilant to be informed about what our leaders are doing. We should express our feelings for peace to our leaders. Only then, will the loss of World War II gallant soldiers not be in vain.

-----Kunio Okada is one of those who has stepped forward to work for peace and reconciliation. He has inspired and continues to inspire others. I thank him for giving me the opportunity to send this msg. May his work continue.

Contributing Author : Edwin D. Lawson , Jun 2016

To Dear Edwin,
Thanks for the message

I wish that you think of the peace of your great message is delivered to the war dead and the bereaved families of the Z-22.

I wish your health and world peace.

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