SAThe trip of Beijing,Hangzhou and Shanghai

Walk of China of emperor power and reform, the opening
(From Nov 26,1995 to Nov 29)

Face of China, With a TENANMON open space

We arrived at the Beijing airport which the jumbo jet sits in a row. The sign of a huge Japanese enterprise is conspicuous on the building in front of the airport. The sign of our company is big reliable. The Macdonald number 1 store was continued packed. Even Shanghai and Hangzhou were rich serious. The farmhouse of the suburbs was an everybody big house. I think the difference with Sian of 3 years ago.

Sign of TOYOTA in front of the Beijing airport In the Great Wall of China Hangzhou and Lake Saiko tourBuilding in the settlement era
Taxi be VW and charadesSuccess to gaining the summit One of the wonderful sightseeing spot of China Aroma of Chinatown

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