5. Trip of Italy ( From Sep 20, '97 to Sep 27 )

Rome, Assisi, Firenze, Venezia and Milan is surrounded

Symbol of the ancient times Roman Empire "Colosseo"

British Airway be via the Heahrow airport, and Alps are crossed and in evening Rome arrival. I did an enjoyable conversation with the Italy beauty of attendance in the airplane. She guides the sightseeing of Italy in London. It looks like the homecoming at the end of the week. I told it to her. It is the holiday in Rome tomorrow. I saw the movie "Holiday in Rome" 40 years ago. Do you know this movie? She said. Roman knows everybody. I am a journalist who came from Japan, and let's go out to Rome sightseeing tomorrow....... Please imagine with everybody hereafter.

Colosseo searchRome, true mouth Dome of the San Pietro temple of the State of the City of VaticanFirenze, Vecchio bridge
Origin in 80 constructionCover of the manhole of ancient times Rome. Advanced country of recycling Michelangiolo design,Wonderful sightseeing point,Anyway remarkable Construction in the 14th century,Even rain can the movement between the palace

Guide of VeneziaLarge canal of Venezia Life waterwayDuomo of Milan
As for I her navel ring was anxious about itCenter of the town is penetrated to a reverse S character While hearing a serenade with the gondola round Representative Gothic architecture of Italy

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