1.Trip to Hawaii of yearning
(From June 27,1991 to July 3)

Employee trip that worked the long time with TMC.

With Hanauma Bay of Oahu
Souvenir picture with Ota couple (the left) and Suzumura couple (the right).

Hawaii of the yearning was our first trip abroad. The time was the bubble golden age. The sightseeing resort of Hawaii was while Japanese occupies it. We make Waikiki the base, and, it did the trip of the day trip to the Kauai island and Hawaii island. Everywhere going around I enjoyed the resort of the world. Finish of our trip. We look at the Diamond Head and we sang the" Hawaii route of yearning" with everyone. And it was safe homecoming.

Sheraton WaikikiWaikiki Beach Sunset cruiseFem Grotta of Kauai Island
Sea side of 33F, preeminent view , 6-night stay Doing the pretension that swims it is the feast for the eyes Able to grasp it to dance.I am not able to see the setting sun Even the middle of the jungle was overpopulations

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