6.Trips of 4 country of Northern Europe
and Baltic Sea cruise

Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark (From July 4, 1999 to July 14)

"Outline map of Northern Europe"

[Sightseeing route]
1) Finland (Helsinki---Aulanko---Tempere---Turku)
2) Baltic Sea (Turku---Stockholm)
3) Sweden (Stockholm)
4) Norway (Bergen---boss---Myrdal---Flam
---Sognefjord---Briksdal glacier--Geirangerfjord
5) Denmark (Copenhagen---North Zealand---Copenhagen)

[Traffic facilities]
*Airplane (9 times)...Use of The Finnair of 30 years unaccident
*Ship (4 times)...silver lines, Syria lines, fjords (twice)
*Railroad (twice)...Bergen railroad, Flam railroad
*Bus (4 unit chartered)...Total, about 1600km

1) Finland (Helsinki,Tampere and Turku. 2-night stay )

"Helsinki large sanctuary"

Finnair passes the Russian border and it is an infinite lake under the eye. The such view that sees land into a lake continues boundlessly.
As for Finland, there is nothing other than a lake. Finniar made it new and landed at the Helsinki Vantaa airport. It was the flight in 10 hours from Narita. It is this beautiful large sanctuary, to be noticeable first of all, when it enters into Helsinki. I saw the ferry bound for Estonia (Tallinn) of the opposite bank from a wharf nearby hotel. It is a round (at 240 yen one hour within ride whatever) the city with the tram. It is the simple clean street for a capital. From this country of the history and population (about 5,000,000) I am able to nod.

"Temppeliaukion church (Helsinki 1969 completion)"

In another name this church is called the lock church. It was made and was scoop out the base rock of a slightly elevated hill. And it is the one that attached the roof of lighting. The inside is naked the base rock. It is the feeling that was borne against the breast of nature. Even the concert is carried out with a wonderful sound effect. I visit the sights historic sites of the city by the bus. There are the remains of the city that were built in the Russia reign era (the 1800's). There are not the remains of the bubble like the country of somewhere. Finnish did not request the pomposity of as that is necessary. Finnish was not discouraged to the exploitation of the neighboring country. That Finnish is with natural (the resources), in other words, woods and the base rock and lake of a country strictly it seemed. Therefore they enter into a sauna in the cottage of a lake at the end of a week and do fishing.

"Tampere street scenery (SOKOS HOTEL ILVES from)"

Tampere is in the north about 200 km of Helsinki. While surrounding a lake by a sightseeing ship it is evening arrival. It is the big city in Finland although Tampere is population 180,000. The pamphlet say ,that Tampere is "The culture city which floats to Mother Nature h. In 1779 a/the king Gustav 3 world advocates. And, he advanced the construction of an Utopia to the breast of a forest between a lake and lake. After that it developed into the culture city where rich heart fostered with the development of the industry with the water power generation that used the height difference of the lake. It was enclosed to a lake. It is beautiful, it was the Finland boasted city which all harmonized. The sightseeing spot travels a Tampere large sanctuary, Muumin valley museum,and lake, it is the observatory of the amusement park.

Symbol of Turku "Turku castle"

We go the country high speed way to Turku from Tampere. We are CD of Finlandia that Sibeliuksen composed the comfortable drives of about 150 km, while hearing. Turku is the 3rd city following Helsinki, Tampere. Until it is controlled in imperial government Russia in 1812 it was a capital. The Turku castle is the fortress which prepared for Sweden invasion. It is not big as the old castles of other Europe. The castle wall that piles up and hardened a circle stone with soil is simple. However, it is wonderful. As for this castle the increase rebuilding for 300 years continues from the 13th century. I understood the distress of Finland in the middle age.

Market open spaceWashing place of a lake Wharf of AulankoCourtyard of the Turku castle
Morning market of HelsinkiMaster washes a carpet Excursion ship of a lake tour Field trip of the inside be one hour

2) Trip of Baltic Sea crusie
......(60,000 tons of gorgeous ferries overnight/for 11 hours)

"The morning of the Baltic Sea"

It is to sea route Stockholm with the Syria line at the time of Turku departure 20. It is60,000 tons of gorgeous ferries. A 13-storied hotel seems to have started quietly. While looking at each island that shines on the setting sun of the 21 o'clock Baltic Sea it is dinner. And, We go out the nice ship that relaxed truly and be with. Ship inside is also a vacation season and there was vigor very much. It looks like a leisure land entirely. There are a casino dance hall super snack bar sauna and swimming pool.
The morning of the Baltic Sea is early. As for the view from the porthole the island is boundless to the many layer, it is seen a yacht in a cottage furthermore. I think the rich culture of a Northman.

Baltic Sea dinner
Cottage and yacht Dance hall Syria line
In each island that shines on the setting sunA lot of islands
When there is not NAVI I am a stray child
European monopoly only here Stockholm harbor
It is seen the car small

3).Sweden (Stockholm Day-Tour)

"Stockholm city government office building"

Stockholm sightseeing begins from boasted city government office building. After that I visited the Palace, Drottningholm palace and old street Gamla Stan. Especially the city government office building is elegant and solemn and wonderful. It looks like a palace or old castle. When it enters inside there is a large room called "blue hall". Here the Nobel prize celebration dinner party is carried out. It is superb and too big when it does it from the scale of the city. However, even the present when passed in 80 is familiar by the citizen widely. I thought that the several hundreds year go working from now on. It is from the Stockholm Alranda international airport to Bergen after sightseeing.

"Blue Hall"Mural painting of Golden Hall Drottningholm palaceGarden of the palace
Nobel prize
Meeting place of the celebration dinner party
It is decorated with nineteen million sheets of gold leaf mosaics and gorgeous Baroque model style
Construction in the 17th century from 16
Versailles of Northern Europe

4) Norway ( Bergen, Flom railroad, Sognefjord ,Briksdal glacier,Geirangerfjord, Daresnippa observatory, Lillehammer and Oslo, 4-night stay)

"In the Europe biggest Sognefjord"

The biggest aim of this trip is the "country of fantasy" Norway. Ancient city Bergen to the start point. Traveling a fjord district it was the trips of about 1000 km to Oslo through Lillehammer. Guide book say. As for these districts, 2/3 in 1 year are look like rain. However, contrary to expectation God of the fjord welcomes us. We were blessed with fine weather and was lucky. We fully enjoyed Mother Nature of Norway. My impression. Norwegian loves nature even now. And, it seemed that it is alive into the activity of nature. Even you make the opportunity and please go out.

View from the Floyen mountain. Bergen street Waterfall of Kjosfossen Geirangerfjord Daresnippa observatory
Capital in the 12`13th century, Entrance of fjord district Wonderful view of Europe 1, Flom railroad The fjord most back,Both rock faces be a remarkable waterfall View of Geirangerfjord from the summit 1400 m

Glacier scenery Remainder ice of the lake face We go the middle of the rainbow Briksdal glacier sightseeing
What a beautiful Ice is solved and winter comes [ Briksdal glacier ]j
The 1800's be an English millionaire. Now Japanese

Norway farm village scenery Lillehammer Ski jump stand Viking ship museum Frogner park
Large cheer of Wonderful Summer season practice In 1904 excavation
Queen ship of the 800's
The theme is "Life"

5. Denmark (Copenhagen, 2-night stay)

"Symbol mermaid princess of Copenhagen"
(A lot of wind force generator to the opposite bank)

Guide book says Denmark is transfiguring to an industrial nation. However, it is as long as I see Copenhagen. Now furthermore the architecture beauty of Northern Europe Renaissance is being prided in. The feeling that is impossible chaotic city area development etc. The pedestrian precinct, Stroget, Tivoli park, Beach and Palace were thriving the vacation in summer. There were many huge wind force generator in the industry area of the opposite bank of the mermaid princess. Five thousand base are during an operation in the whole country, when I try to hear and occupy 5% of all the electric power. The share of the wind force generator calls it with 60% of all the world. Incidentally as for Japan, the wind force generator of 100KW over be 23 base. Denmark does history culture carefully and even the consideration to environment is active. Denmark was thought as heart is wide, although area is narrow.

ROYAL yacht harbor Crew town "Nyhavn" Street performance of the pedestrian precinct Electricity tricycle
Made in Denmark
Even a yacht even the harbor refined The street be just as the old days A cheerful artiste, the cheerful audience 2 of the fronts

I publish the recollection of an each enjoyable trip in this Page a little from this.

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