7. Trip of the U. S. west coast

Trips of the 3 big city and 4 Mother Nature
( From May.26.2000 to Jun.2 )

This is the traveler's diary that 61 year-old I traveled the U. S. mainland for the first time. I experienced the wonderful trips for 8 days. It is the sightseeing resort ranging over each state of California Nevada Utah and Arizona with this map. There is a part of the U.S. west(Part that applied it red).

We ran the wilderness 2000 km by the bus. And, I fully enjoyed Mother Nature of the west while imagining the history of the gold rush and west reclamation of 150 years ago.
Please see the situation with the photograph of the digital camera.

(Sightseeing route)
1st day
San Francisco---San Francisco stay
2nd day
Yosemite National Park(Day trip bus tour from San Francisco.Round trip 750 km )---San Francisco stay
3rd day
Zion national park(Bus tour 386 km via air route Las Vegas)---Page stay
4th day
Monument Valley(Park of the Navajo tribe settlement. Bus tour 196 km from Page.)
4th day
Grand Canyon National Park (284 km by a bus from the monument Valley )---Gland Canyon stay
5th day
Las Vegas sightseeing(Las Vegas after gland Canyon and fover Dam field trip. Bus tour 443 km)---Las Vegas stay
6th day
Loss Angeles sightseeing---Loss stay
7th day
Los Angeles departure. Air route homecoming.

(Traffic facilities)
Airplane (6 times)----Application of the JAL,ANA and American waist
Ship (1 time)--------Ferry between Sausalito from Fisherman's Wharf
Bus tour (5 times)---The total, about 2100 km

1. San Francisco
(In 1769 Spain expedition discovery settlement, population 750,000 people)

"The Golden Gate bridge of the fog"
(In 1933 start, in 1937 completion, the overall length 2737 m)

That was made in the town where accomplished large development by gold rush is this Golden Gate Bridge. He was 1 year senior even from me. We shot the souvenir picture here.I think that the self lived considerably long. And, about immigrant ship from Japan did the droped anchor in the quarantine ground of this opposite bank nearby island 100 years ago. The quarantine waiting for one month was instructed by the transmigration person. And, the transmigration seems to have been admitted only to the person who does not become sick. The present is the era when 4,800,000 Japanese travel U.S. for a year. Also, the Japanese enterprise that exceeds 1000 company crowds in the west coast area. And, San Francisco was crowded with many travelers. The pension life person of Japan visits it a lot.

"Cable car"
(In 1873 opening, Even now speed 15 km/h)

That, became friendly first is this "grip man" (=conductor).I talked to him. He talked something with the rapid talking. His job pulled a big lever the wire of the endlessness that runs the underground and was to do the grip. As for the cable car of this slope the gondola might as well go the road surface. He causes me the cord of the departure signal pulled and he is happy full. And, it began to move without seeing before. I was surprised and asked of him. That clashes! He says and there is another person before. I feel relieved with this and hang down from the deck and went Fisherman's Wharf. Grip man of 2 combinations were not done restructuring for 100 years. My heart became tranquil.

"Fisherman' s Wharf"
(The base Italy person fishing port. Sightseeing resortization from the 1960's)

I wanted to eat although be such a stall and boil the kettle of Crab. When I see the sign, Crab and Bay shrimp are written as Market price. When everyone sees the thing that is eating in the terrace. It was the big bread containing the salad of crab. We are lunch on the 2nd floor of the chic restaurant that harbor is seen. As I was expecting half real of big Crab appeared. We were deeply impressed with very big Crab. That was cold well. We wanted to eat Hot Crab. Later, I said to the madam of the cash register. Do you take out why Cold Crab? I tried to hear that. Her answer, An American Crab cools it usually and eat.

"Mobile Ham"

An American calls "King of hobby" Ham about. I thought that I am able to meet Ham of Sisco and approached. Ham was not. However, it is Big Antenna to a superb car. Is this Mobile Ham of California KW?

"To the Sausalito with the ferry"

Fisherman' s Wharf was crowded with the traveler who other side to the sightseeing resort of the opposite bank. We were deeply impressed with the panoramic view of San Francisco that sobs to the fog that I see from sea. And the Alcatraz island, Golden Gate Bridge and Angel island are traveled and we went to Sausalito. Here is mild a climate just crossed the sea. A millionaire likes and seem to live. Does even 700,000 yen the anchoring charge of a gorgeous yacht a month. It was thought as there is not the qualification that a cruiser or yacht live here in the manner without having.

Cable car Street musician Alcatraz island Golden Gate Bridge that sobs to the fog
It became packed with the tour visitor of Japanese hereafter. The musician was coming with a big truck. The union prison which an evil famous prisoner was imprisoned. San Francisco becomes the town of a fog.

Cable car Sausalito Yacht harbor Wire of the bridge
It looks like Good to get on like this. In the hill of the beach palatial residence all in a row, The beautiful yacht is all in a row. The cut sample of the wire that is making efforts for 63 years.

2. Yosemite National Park/California

"The sign of Yosemite"
(The east of 350 km of San Francisco)

Yosemite is located in the center of the east edge, Sierra Nevada Range of California. It was known in a world for the first time by the United States of America infantryman corps exploration in 1851. Yosemite was designated as the 2nd national park after the yellow stone in America in 1890 after that. Four million people visit for a year at the present moment it is the high park of popularity globally. The area is 1.5 times as Tokyo Met. The mountainous area, numerous waterfalls,lakes,rock mountains streams of the height above sea level of about 2000 m are Mother Nature that is dotted.
We left San Francisco by the early morning bus. The IT city of the San Francisco suburbs, vast California of farm area, highlands desert of magnificent the wind force power generation area it moved eastward. We did the entrance garden around 11 o'clock while enjoying the towns where was made with the people who crowded to the gold mine of the Merced riverside at one time. We received Yosemite official Map & Guide in the entrance. While being impressed with a fresh green large valley the sightseeing spot Yosemite Valley area was aimed at.

"Entrance of Yosemite Valley"

Here Yosemite Valley area is in the west slope of a Sierra Nevada Range. The overall length 11 km, width 1.6 km, furthermore the height of the precipice of both sides was made in the valley of 610 m to 1220 m.

"Half Dome"
(The view from the Sentinel Bridge)

It is the symbol of Yosemite from the specific figure, with the rock lump that the dome type of the circle summit was scraped to half by a glacier. This gaining the summit got at the truth of difficulty at one time. At the present trail is attached to the top of 2695 m. It is the round trip of 14 km from the lodge of the Yosemite valley. And as for the height difference with 1493 m and a day trip seems to be possible.

"Yosemite Falls"

It is most solemn among the waterfall of Yosemite with a number. The head prides in the 5th world place with 739 m. (15 times of Niagara Falls). This waterfall was near a visitor center. It applies about 10 minutes walking one way after lunch and took a walk to the basin of a waterfall. The waterfall is huge and be becoming 3 steps and all can not look at from 1 place. This photograph is the 2nd step and the 3rd step. If the 1st step of the waterfall does not part more I am not able to see it. The quantity of water of the waterfall is biggest although it is present in relation to thawing. It was such explanation that decreases to the end in summer fairly.

"El Capitan"

It is the wall of this huge granite to be noticeable first when it enters into the park. Many persons stop a car. The huge monolith we are looking up and be catching breath. The top climbers of the world apply here 5 to 8 days and be said to climb the height difference of 1095 m to the top completely. It was that what the climber challenges is seen if in the day be good and look hard well. It could not certain recognition in my eyesight. However, my wife seems to have been able to confirm.

I heard the explanation of the guide that the man without the two legs climbed this rock face at one time. I do not take out it that I believe. He was the ranger of Yosemite and was in a slip fall accident. And he returned alive miraculously. However, he lost the two legs. He succeeded in gaining the summit only with both arms. It is the heart-stirring enterprise that exceeds the imagination far.

Catch a glimpse of Mother Nature of this Yosemite even only lowest 3days be written to a guide book that it is linked. However, our sightseeing time was 3 hours of only. I thought very regrettably.

"Farm of California"

The intermediate point of San Francisco and Yosemite were a vast almond and grape field. The point is absent even what. However, a physiological phenomenon occurs. That paid attention there is a farmhouse of local. They arrange the rest room of falseness about 4 pieces and make a stand and sell an almond, the drinks, ice cream, vegetables and the others. Because the bus comes in succession it was quite a lot prosperity.

The abundant water for agriculture from Sierra Nevada was supplied to these farms. Therefore, looks there is not even the care of a drought. I aimed for Yosemite while eating an almond.

"‚v‚‰‚Ž‚„ Power Generatoin"

A large windmill group appeared in the highlands desert area like photos. Even the left is a windmill farm even the right, even although I go even although I go. I heard California that wind force power generation is prosperous. However, I did not think that I go to there. Therefore, I was deeply impressed very much. There are 4500 base in the explanation of the guide. Such a large windmill group seems to be in every place probably. The originator of the wind force power generation is Denmark where has the history in 100 years. The question that says that why it is wind force power generation in powerful nation America then will appear. They established PURPA law the law in connection with an electric power price', to promote the application of Renewable Enargy. And, it seems to have began to diffuse from about the beginning of the 1990's.

"‚v‚‰‚Ž‚„ Power Generatoin,(Continuance)"

According to the statistics of International Renewable Enargy, the wind force power generation capacity of the entire United States is 1731Mw/1995 year. I am able to estimate that 17,300 base thing windmills existed in 1995 even the operation of 1 base average 100Kw. How is the wind force power generation capacity of all the world extent then? It is 9600Mw (9,600,000 Kw) according to the statistics in the fiscal year 1998. Power generation capacity ranking best 10 in terms of the country is U.S., Germany, India, Denmark, the Netherlands, Spain, England, Sweden, China, Italy. As for Japan where acts only with a loss virtue the application of Renewable Enargy seems to be delayed.

3. Zion National Park/Uta

"The Death valley up in the air ? "

Zion was aimed at by a bus furthermore via air route Las Vegas from San Francisco in early morning. It was thought that judge from the air route and fly the Death valley up in the air. Therefore I enjoyed the view under the eye. The barren area like Silk Road continues this time when the lingering snow of the Sierra Nevada Range fades away. Although it is thought that it is flying the Death valley up in the air it could not conclusion.

" In the front of the lodge of Zion "

Zion is in the northeast 194 km of Las In the park where has the popularity after Gland Caynon quite a lot being crowded it was. However, from this year the ride holder in an own car became prohibition. A free shuttle bus runs frequently to the viewpoint inside the park. We were seen in fresh verdure with the massive crag of the Colorado color that rises and stand. It is the heat in midsummer. However, it was surprise to the refreshment of the bower. The sandwich and cola of the American size that enter into the bower of the lawn promptly and ate were not left in the highest deliciously. It is the favor of the fresh air of the empty stomach and Zion in the expedition from early morning.

" Huge rock mountain which rises"

The rock face group and fresh green contrast of the Colorado color that the spot zone of Zion valley sightseeing puts the stream between about 10 km, were thought beautifully. 11 trail are established according to an official guide map. Many hikers and family are able to have fun. The rock mountain of the back is said to be the size of 2 times of Ayers Rock of Australia according to the explanation of the guide. Even if it is said so it was not believed. It was everyone surprise to the size of remainder.

" Zion-Mt. Carmel Highway"

The national highway number 9 line (Page area to) from Zion is said to have finished in 1930, in the road where runs the rock face like this. This way, be connected to route 89. The wilderness of Utah it goes ahead to Page (the town of the dam site of Lake Powell).

ZionZion ZionZion
Central under the stream This rock mountain be 2 times of Ayers Rock Huge rock face Park inside be movement with this shuttle bus

4. Monument Valley(Navajo Tribal Park)

" Vast Navajo Indian settlement"

The wilderness ranging over Utah and Arizona are a Navajo Indian settlement. We moved eastward 200 km from stage berth Page and aimed for the stage of the Western film this wilderness. The midway is absent even what. However, there is a big steam power station near Page. The reason is able to take coal in the settlement of the tip about 100 km. Therefore they are said to do the power generation business for the advanced utilization. The railroad for the transport of coal grew boundlessly. There is the station of the way of Indian management in time. It enters to the Monument Valley area. (Area be 1.5 times of Yamaguchi Pref) As for there a rock peak and rock tower jab the sky in the wilderness. The height is said to have been made with the weathering action that continues for 100 m to 300 m, number ten million years. And John Ford's supervision does "The Stage Coach"of location in 1939 and this wonderful sight seems to have been introduced in the world.

"The view from the visitor center"

This view looks like the scene that I see to TV well. To look at the real thing of the rock tower group that rises in the plateau of a vast desert in location and also it is especial. A distance sense has got paralyzed to boundless width.
We rode separately in the wagon car of a frank deck after lunch, in the lodge. And, it applies for 1.5 hours and did the monument tour. hat it depends in a season it is said to be a serious cloud of sand. This time was not so violent.

"John Ford's Point"

John Ford supervision of place likes and "The Stage Coach" and "The Yellow Ribbon" seem to have been shot in this place with.
The man of the red shirt who raises the hand in the right edge is I. The man of the red shirt of the left end is an Indian. He is the rich person of the Nabajo tribe of a first base native American.

"Does not the Indian say a lie? "

While seeing him an Indian recalled the TV commercial that does not say a lie. I asked the case of a different Indian. He said that be a lie. I was able to confirm that an Indian does not say a lie.

monument valley monument valley monument valley monument valley
Art work of Mother Nature Parking place of the visitor center Contrast of a red monument and the blue sky beautiful Lodge front, here from a wagon car by departure

5. Grand canyon National Park /Arizona

"Gland Canyon that shines on the setting sun
(Yavapai Point with).

The ceaseless flow of the Colorado Gland Canyon scraped the vast earth of Arizona and produced it. About 1/3 strata of the history of the earth called one billion seven hundred million are said to be seen, to the rock surface of the large valley that reaches the overall length of about 540 km. Ancient times mankind were living in the cavern of this rock face. And, it was the place of the life of an Indian to before a little. It is crowded with the tourist from all the world now. East Rim (in the evening) and each viewpoint of West Rim (sunrise) from the beauty of this large valley we could be satisfied.

"American young lady"

The tourist who looks at this Mother Nature looks happy everyone. If the eye fits it is happily everyone. Because it is able to become a friend immediately it is mysterious.

"Grandmather that came from Kentucky"

She applied for 7 hours by air from Kentucky with two grandchild daughters and came here. Even the American nations seem to want to visit to the whole life once.

'' Gland Canyon that shines on the morning sun
(Hopi Point with)

We were tired fairly. However, it went out to the Canyon sightseeing of the sunrise before the breakfast that is fine all. Many of the Japanese tourists observed the sunrise and went raising immediately. After that, Canyon that changes every moment extent for one hour we were satisfied.

"Visit the American of 40 years ago with Route 66"

Route 66 is the national highway of the 1950's and continue with 5000 km from loss to Chicago. Now it becomes Route 40 of Free Way. It declines. However, it is the way of dear recollection for the American in that time.

"Visit the American of 40 years ago with Route 66"
(Continuance )

It made a detour to the town where the chairman of the preservation meeting of the Route 66 makes efforts. When it is young, the scenery that I got used to seeing with an U. S. movie continues. He is a favorite with a serious idea man in the ice cream home of a tourist partner, in a desolate country town. Without using a desk calculator in the souvenir home even the wife consumption tax is calculated quickly. The person who visits here the senior of an American and Japanese were conspicuous.

"Free way Route 93"

Run such a Free way and the other side of the mountain that is seen previously is continue the Hoover Dam and to Las Vegas furthermore far.

"Hoover Dam"

When this dam was world Great Depression in 1929 it is said to have been made. It was the such feeling that could several years ago a glance. Here the climate of a desert with high temperature drying under, as for concrete mildew did not grow. It was fresh. As many construction workers are continued at that time, dam construction it said to have been died of illness. The professor of an university investigated it promptly. As a result, it becomes clear with the heatstroke by moisture and salt lack. Recurrence prevention is said to have determined the condition at the time of labor with the law. That is adopted with the commercial of Pocari Sweat(Healthy drinking water) of TV now.

"Hoover Dam"

This is the power station of dam under of 221 m. It is thought that many big generator groan in this underground.

"Hoover Dam"

I took a walk the dam site. The heat was intense and was the hot wind over 40Ž.

"Lake Mead"

The Hoover Dam dammed up the bottle neck place of about 350 km of lower stream of Gland Canyon. Therefore, the upstream became a vast storage of water lake. That is "Lake Mead" and the area is as Lake Biwa of Japan. And, this water and electric power moisten Las Vegas and loss. The nightless quarter of Las Vegas doubted with a part of the advanced utilization of this nighttime electric power.

6. Las Vegas/ Nevada

"McCarran international airport nearby hotel "

Knowing well everybody it is that Las Vegas. It is the town which the gambling place of the Hoover Dam person concerned of 70 years ago developed. As for McCarran international airport thirty million people are said to use it for a year. It is 780 or more machine in a day.

"The Shaw of the casino up in the air of hotel Rio"

It was the town of a casino as a rumor. A part of the casino looks like a hotel. Every night the Shaw of such an attraction is done.


The necklace that she (the dancer) throws was as it is popular. I received it to one souvenir of a grandchild.

"Fremont Street"

Even the downtown is buried to such neon. As for in this arcade town both sides are all the casino place. Central he is a street musician.


The arcade of the height of 30 m appear on this street 450 m length. The large spectacle Shaw of the sound and light which used 2,100,000 electric bulb are done. The ceiling becomes with a screen with a large sound with a computer control like this Photos. I was surprised at the enthusiasm.


This nightless quarter continues until. I came back to the hotel around 11 o'clock because there is a limit in physical strength.

7. Los Angeles
(Many race city. Population 3,700,000 people. When it includes it the suburbs 9,400,000 people)

"The downtown from Little Tokyo"

One hundred forty country of immigrants live in the urban area of Los Angeles at present, wilderness which the community of a native is dotted 200 years ago and be 250,000 persons of Japanese parentage furthermore 96 kinds of language. Even Little Tokyo is the history in 110 years. The superb Japanese culture center and Higasihonganji (temple) were built.

"Santa Monica beach"

It looks good in Palm Tree in the blue sky. Are the cannon of the front the traces of a Spain war?


The metropolis of a movie was crowded with a tourist.

"Dodgers Stadium"

The home ground of Los Angeles Dodgers is employing the inclination ground well. The surroundings are the large parking places of 360 degree. The audience is able to enter from each height.

"Little Yokyo"

I walked Little Tokyo until 10 o'clock in morning. The Higashihonganji (temple) is making efforts with Ninomiya Kinjiro.

"Loss night view "

Night view of the loss that observes it from Griffith Park. Gas this day was out and was dim.

Hollywood Dodgers Stadium James Dean Little Yokyo
The foot style and draft, my big hand of Gery Couper were exceeded far. This is the entrance of a main stand It was a reunion of since" Reason Senseless Resistance" Monument of Isamu Noguti of the Japanese culture center.

Also in the west coast which touches many information from day to day, although it is the impression of my trip,
1.I was deeply impressed with the rich information of location. Moreover, it was a wonderful trip.
2.Japanese must learn the rich heart of America, that respects freedom and independence heart modestly.

I publish the recollection of an each enjoyable trip in this Page a little from this.

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