KM31Golf Club

The member of this club is fine and enjoyable, because we aim at healthy golf.

KM31 Golf club members at village Tugu (Aug.26.1996)

Km31 Golf club members.
My position is 5th from the right side

Introduction of KM31Golf Club

The background and recent situation of KM31

When it was the bubble business condition many Japanese started golf.
It is the just time(1985). I invited Mr. Okamoto and Mr. Katayama and we enjoyed a golf play at Okazaki Kougen(highlands) CC.
It is in the time. This is very interesting. From this, we increase friends. It is from now on.
As for we start the golf club called "K M 3 1". (The meaning of KM31= K is K for Kougen. M is M for Mate. 31 are the classmate of the senior high school graduation in the Showa31 fiscal year).
And, we decided that enjoyable golf motto. Mr. Okamoto and I become a proposer and we started member searching.
The KM31 golf club started with 11 members in next year.
Since then, the KM31 golf club has been improved year by year. And we carried out the 42nd competition in the summer of 1998.
At this time, we are sixtieth birthday celebration and played twice in 2 days with Neba CC.
And, we were very fine all and we enjoyed the golf play. and we did the party of the celebration of a sixtieth birthday.
Recently, this club opens the competitions of 10 times of every years.

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